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What are Splash Ads? Ad Formats

What are splash ads?

CTV moneteization and IAB's TCF v2.2 interview with Sourcepoint CTV

What CTV publishers need to know to comply with IAB’s consent framework v2.2

Case Studies

Case Study: SmartNews

Meet the Latest Smaato NextGen SDK Brochures

Meet the Latest Smaato NextGen SDK

I want to monetize my

We Make Ad Monetization Simple

We Make Ad Monetization Simple

Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform offers a free ad server and monetization solution. We connect quality publishers with premium marketers to engage audiences around the world and on every device.


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Complete Platform

Build Your Own Walled Garden

Big Tech walled gardens are out. Our tools give you the control to create your own, improving transparency for both publishers and marketers.

Build Your Own Walled Garden
No Ad-Serving Fees

No Ad-Serving Fees

We succeed when you succeed. We offer a powerful, free-to-use server – giving you more control and better reach. Publishers who switch to Smaato’s ad server see a ~30% uptick in revenue.

We Are Omnichannel

We revolutionized the mobile ad tech space, and we didn’t stop there. Mobile is always in our DNA, but we pride ourselves on a truly omnichannel approach. We support all

We Are Omnichannel
Our Clean, Protected Marketplace

Our Clean, Protected Marketplace

At Smaato, we leverage sophisticated automated systems and human expertise to create our safe and secure platform.