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Open Measurement

Check out this series of deals with options to select among 60, 70, 80, and 90 percent viewability rates.

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Open Measurement

Ads are only effective if they can reach real audiences. That’s why viewability is such a critical campaign efficacy metric. This curated list of diverse apps have all integrated the Open Measurement SDK, a product developed by the IAB TechLab to offer third-party viewability measurement and verification for ads in the mobile app environment. This inventory is also compatible with campaigns that utilize Moat, IAS, and DoubleVerify measurement technologies.

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Available Ad Formats

Display, CTV/OTT, OLV, Native

Featured Inventory

My Talking Tom 2

It’s My Talking Tom 2. The superstar virtual pet is back with even more to say and do. This funny cat can’t wait to show off his new wardrobe, skills and special features.

Monthly Requests: 8.9 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 320×50, 320×480, 300×250, 728×90, 360×724
URL: App Store, Google Play

Rock Radio

100% Rock Internet Radio, streaming the most diverse variety of rock music online.

Monthly Requests: 1 Million
Ad Sizes and Formats: 320×50
URL: App Store, Google Play


Chess Time is a full featured online correspondence chess app allowing a player up to multiple days to make a move.

Monthly Requests: 1.7 Million
Ad Sizes and Formats: 320×50, 300×250, 728×90, 300×50
URL: Web, App Store, Google Play

And many more… Contact us to get started.

Display ad viewability improved across devices on a global level, rising from 69.5% to 71.5% for desktop display, from 64.3% to 66.9% for mobile web display, and from 73.2% to 76.9% for mobile app display.
Source: Marketing Charts

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