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IAS-Enabled Viewability

Check out this series of deals for minimum 50% measurable and 60-90% IAS-viewable inventory (you choose).

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IAS-Enabled Viewability

We offer a wide selection of IAS-enabled viewability deals to help you reach your KPI goals. These deals include apps with a minimum of 50% measurability, as well as deals that are -60, -70, -80, or even 90% viewable inventory according to Integral Ad Science. Learn more.

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Year Round

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Available Ad Formats

Display, CTV/OTT, OLV, Native

Featured Inventory


PeopleFun is one of the world’s top developers of casual mobile games, with titles including Wordscapes, Wordscapes Search, Word Stacks, and Word Chums.

Monthly Requests: 50.7 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 320×50, 728×90, 320×480, 768×1024, 300×50
URL: Web, App Store, Google Play


Easybrain is a mobile game developer reliant on proprietary in-house systems and tools.

Monthly Requests: 171.6 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 320×50, 728×90, 300×50, 468×60, 320×48
URL: App Store, Google Play


X-FLOW is a game company based in the UK and Cyprus.

Monthly Requests: 56.8 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 320×50, 728×90, 320×480, 768×1024, 480×320
URL: Google Play

And many more… Contact us to get started.

Internet Authentication Service (IAS) is a component of Windows Server operating systems that provides centralized user authentication, authorization and accounting.
Source: Marketing Charts

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