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Holiday Food & Recipes

We have the perfect recipe for reaching home cooks, bakers, entertainers, and hosts this holiday season with our Holiday Food& Recipes Pre-Packaged Deal.

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Holiday Food & Recipes

We’ve cooked up a tasty deal for the holidays! As families and friends gather around, nothing says holidays like the wonderful scent of home-cooking. The inventory in this deal has been hand-curated to reach the bakers, makers, chefs, and entertainers as they plan to host for the holidays. From recipe sites to CTV inventory for those staying out of the kitchen, this deal has a taste of everything.

Seasonality/Tentpole Events

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Rosh Hashanna, Easter, Mid-Autumn Festival

This deal is ideal for…

Food, Beverage, Auto, Jewelry, Luxury, Fashion

Available Ad Formats

Display, CTV/OTT, OLV, Native

Featured Inventory


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In a November 2022 survey, approximately 81 percent of responding US consumers that had holiday meal plans stated that the meal would be homemade.
Source: Statista

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