Gambling Ads

With the fast growth of the online gambling market, this deal includes curated inventory to help you reach those high-intent audiences.

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Gambling Ads

Feeling lucky? Not all sites and apps allow gambling content. But a safe bet is this pre-packaged deal. We’ve selected a bunch of inventory that allows gambling content so you can reach lucky users and viewers while ensuring compliance.

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This deal is ideal for…

Gambling, Casino, Alcohol

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Display, CTV/OTT, OLV, Native

Featured Inventory


TheCHIVE App is the most-downloaded humor app in iOS/Android history. No long-winded articles, just your daily dose of the most amusing photos and videos the internet has to offer.

Monthly Requests: 1.3 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 300×250, 320×50, 728×90
URL: App Store, Google Play


Pinger makes the mobile apps Sideline and TextFree to provide an alternative to traditional carrier plans and business phone systems for millions of users.

Monthly Requests: 12 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 300×250, 320×50, 320×480, 627×627, 1200×627
URL: App Store, Google Play

USA Today

USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more.

Monthly Requests: 4.6 Billion
Ad Sizes and Formats: 728×90, 300×250, 480×320, 660×371, 300×600
URL: Web, App Store, Google Play

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The most popular type of online gambling in the U.S. as of September 2021 was sports betting.
Source: Statista

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