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Meet Us at DMEXCO 2022

Verve Group Makes Media Better with an advertising technology ecosystem representing tomorrow’s business model for publishers and advertisers, today. We set a new standard of publishers and advertisers working together.

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Event Location
Messepl. 1, 50679 Köln (Hall 8, Booth D-031)
Event Date
September 21-22, 2022

Meet the Team

Our teams are thrilled to be attending DMEXCO this year. Come meet us at booth Hall 8, Booth D-031. Verve Group + Smaato

Ionut Ciobotaru


Sameer Sondhi


Morgan Jetto

GM, Programmatic Demand Partnerships & Global Sales

Raman Sidhu

Sr. Vice President

Matthew Deets

General Manager

And More..


21-22 September

Daily Activity Schedule (Booth D-031, Hall 8)

Time Topic Speakers Description
10:00 AM User Acquisition UNLOCKED Corey Kulis, VP of Marketing Verve Group
Alessandro Giuliani, Commercial Director–DATASEAT
What does the future of UA campaigns look like without identifiers?
12:00 PM Cookies ARE Going Away, Right? Raman Sidhu, SVP EMEA Sales & Partnerships, Verve Group With cookies going away, how will brands respond? Raman and Kate will highlight why powerful imagery being matched with content in real-time could signal how to move beyond the cookie.
2:00 PM Now That Your (IDFA) Marriage Is Over… Rami Alanko, General Manager–Verve Group How new technology (ATOM) can allow for better targeted mobile brand campaigns with “anonymized” data.
4:30 PM Kölsch & Wine at the booth

22 September

Masterclass (MC-8A, Hall 8)

Time Topic Speakers Description
4:30 PM Moments Are the New Cookies Raman Sidhu, SVP EMEA Sales & Partnerships, Verve Group
Kate Foreman, Senior Manager, Channel Partnerships–Getty Images
Ever since Google announced it would phase out cookies, the advertising and technology communities have been working feverishly to create tools and resources to find ways to best connect advertising with those who consume content. This MasterClass will present the case that moments-based marketing is exactly what the advertising industry has been looking for–a way for brands, ads and content can align without tracking technology.
4:30 PM Kölsch & Wine at the booth

Let’s chat about…

We are always looking for new ways to innovate to reduce costs and maximize efficiency for media. Chat with us to learn what is new with…

Increasing the effectiveness of our App/CTV/ Mobile Web monetization…

We’re multiplying ad revenue with two leading ad exchanges, Verve Group and Smaato. Learn why 90 of the Top 100 brands from around the world work with our publishers.

Meet Dataseat (Now part of Verve Group) the leader in user acquisition and built for iOS.15 and GDPR….

First, fully transparent user acquisition platform based entirely on contextual signals. Manage acquisition, retargeting and cross-promotion from a single platform.

Innovations to reach more consumers without identifiers for your brand…

Artificial intelligence combined with in-flight optimizations to maximize consumer attention.


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