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* California residents may opt-out of the “sale” of their personal information. California law broadly defines what constitutes a “sale” – including in the definition making available a wide variety of information in exchange for “valuable consideration” (sharing). We may act as a “business” or a “service provider” under the CCPA. When we act as a business under the CCPA, you may “opt-out” of our selling or sharing of your personal information (as those terms are defined by the CCPA) by following the directions set forth in our California Privacy Notice or at the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) page addressing how consumers may opt out of cross-app advertising through their device settings. Please note, we generally retain personal information for no longer than 180 days, unless otherwise required by law or applicable contract. Therefore, while you may contact us regarding additional, manual “opt-out” rights, given our data retention period, any additional manual deletion requests may be duplicative.