SDX: Smaato Demand Platform

A Full-Featured Platform With Advanced Traffic Targeting Optimization for Advertisers and Demand Partners


Find the optimal traffic to meet your campaign goals with SDX Inventory Discovery


Advanced targeting options by ad format, app, country and more, as well as whitelisting and blacklisting of specific apps


Leverage line item and QPS throttling to receive only relevant traffic for your specific campaigns


Receive top-value impressions by specifying the exact traffic you want down to targeted line items.

SDX Targeting


SDX is equipped with Smaato’s powerful data visualization solution. The analytics provided in our reports give unprecedented control to demand partners when optimizing the traffic they receive - maximizing mobile ad spend and driving value across your marketing campaigns.

With SDX, demand partners can leverage detailed campaign performance analytics for absolute transparency. We have made it easy to filter by ad specifications (such as ad size, ad type or app name), user demographics and device tracking information. Never be in the dark about your campaign performance metrics again!

SDX Reporting

Successful Partners

Key customers and partners are gaining greater flexibility and control over their mobile ad inventory with Smaato Demand Platform (SDX). Adelphic, one of the world's largest mobile and cross-channel programmatic advertising platforms, is seeing significantly improved ad engagement and increased conversion rates.

After leveraging the QPS targeting tools, Adelphic saw significantly more relevant mobile traffic, resulting in a 20% increase in their month-over-month mobile ad spending.

There’s simply no other solution on the market like Smaato’s SDX, and it’s become a go-to platform for optimizing mobile advertising campaigns.

Julie Tagliamonte
Adelphic's Director of Supply Partnerships

Global Reach

500+ Billion

Monthly Ad Impressions

1+ Billion

Monthly Unique Mobile Users


Mobile Publishers and App Developers

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