Resources: Mobile Advertising Ad Formats

Expandable Banner

Interactive format which allows the mobile ad unit to expand from a traditional size to a larger size. This ad unit utilizes the expansion feature.

The ad unit starts out collapsed and expands after a click. Collapsed size is 300x50px (MMA) or 320x50px (iab). Expanded size 300x250px (MMA) or 320x480px (iab).

Expandable BannerExpandable BannerExpandable Banner

Interactive Banner

Interactive Banner

This interstitial ad unit can be seen in mobile apps. The user is encouraged to interact with the ad unit through playing a game.

The ad unit will then give the user the option to click out to video, or visit the advertisements landing page. Requires user action to iniciate / activate /execute the ad unit.

Floating Banner

Interactive or non-interactive ad unit that anchors to the screen as the user scrolls through. This ad unit utilizes fixed ad placement technology. It engages the user without disrupting browsing.

Floating Banner

Standard Ad Units

Standard Ad Units

Standard Ad Units is an interactive and/or non-interactive ad unit displayed on a mobile web page and/or mobile application.

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250px)
  • Rectangle (180x150px)
  • Leaderboard (728x90px)
  • Skyscraper (160x600px)
  • Half Page Ad (300x600px)
  • XXLarge (320x50px & 320x53px)
  • XLarge (300x50px & 300x75px)
  • Large (216x36px & 216x54px)
  • Medium (168x28px & 168x42px)
  • Small (120x20px & 120x30px)
  • Micro Bar (88x31px)
  • Text Ad Units

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