Smaato Solutions Platform

Smaato’s unique mobile ad optimization platform and RTB exchange was designed and built to perfectly serve the requirements and needs of fast growing mobile app developers and mobile website publishers who want to successfully monetize their inventory on a global level with the lowest effort.

The integrated solutions platform is based on Smaato’s state of the art mobile ad optimization engine (SOMA) and consists of a set of powerful solution components, giving our customers and partners access to all necessary functionalities they need to be globally successful on a single optimization platform.

Smaato is YOUR one-stop shop to maximize mobile advertising revenues worldwide.

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Smaato Publisher Portal

The Smaato Publisher Portal is the go-to hub for managing everything related to the monetization of your mobile app or website. Through the portal, you can create and manage Ad Spaces for your application or mobile site, download SDKs for all major platforms and view all kinds of additional documentation. You can access your reporting, analytics, and download your credit notes. This is also where you can provide additional information about your traffic, which helps us to better serve your inventory. You can contact us for technical support or help with additional questions and you will find everything that you need for a successful monetization of your mobile app or website.

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Smaato Ad Server

You are facing a growing number of advertisers who are asking you to buy your inventory directly or you want to cross-promote your own products? Working with third party ad servers is expensive, often not working right and time-consuming. Smaato offers you a full featured ad server to run your self-sold campaigns or house ads at a low volume based price. Our ad server offers all “standard” functionalities, has a wide range of targeting capabilities, can run video and rich media, and integrates perfectly with the other Smaato services. Smaato Mediation helps you to easily route your traffic the way you need it.

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Smaato Mediation

One of Smaato’s key benefits is running a data driven automated optimization engine that finds the best ads for all of your users. However, there might be situations where you want to overwrite the decision mechanism, e.g. you have a special deal with an Ad Network or you have your own sales people selling parts of your inventory. Smaato offers a full featured ad server with an easy to use – rules based – traffic routing engine to fulfill all your special needs.

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Smaato RTB Exchange

Real time bidding (RTB) is the new kid on the block of the mobile advertising landscape and Smaato is proud to be one of the leaders in that space. RTB allows demand side platforms (representing the advertiser’s demand for mobile inventory) to bid in real time on incoming ad requests based on their targeting and audience requirements. For you as a mobile app developer or mobile website publisher this means more visibility and transparency towards the advertiser side and better chances to get higher prices for your high value traffic. Smaato’s RTB exchange is connected to 140 DSPs and 100 Ad Networks.

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Smaato Analytics

The Smaato Publisher Portal includes a fully transparent and detailed dashboard for reporting and analytics that allows you to see all relevant metrics and statistics. This enables you to make data-driven decisions. In order to make that possible, Smaato aggregates the data of all of our affiliated Ad Network partners including the revenue data. No more logging in into dozens of dashboards: With Smaato Analytics you have all the information in one place, enabling you to make decisions based on up-to-date data.

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