Resources: Mobile Advertising SDKs

Our SDKs connect your mobile applications with our platform, creating the technical link between you and Smaato. When an SDK sends an ad request from the mobile application to Smaato‘s platform, the optimization algorithm ensures that the request is routed to the most appropriate ad network.
Besides being quick and easy to integrate, Smaato SDKs provide developers with an easy setup to be able to include demographic data such as gender, age or keywords describing the given content that the user sees. This increases the utility for advertisers by improving precision and targeting capabilities, and leads to a better return on investment.

By covering mainstream platforms such as iOS (iPhone and iPad incl. iAd) and Android as well as niche platforms like BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian (Qt’, WRT, S60) and Windows Phone 8, Smaato offers easy, quick and free of charge integration to developers and publishers covering the entire app ecosystem and mobile Web space.

Mobile Advertising SDKs



Android SDK


Windows Phone SDK

Windows Phone

Blackberry SDK


Bada SDK


Symbian SDK


Easy integration
Storage and RAM friendly
Rich media ads
Banner and text ads
Leaderboard, skyscraper and medium rectangle ads
Customize the color of text and backgrounds
Supports Beacons
Allows socio demographic/contextual targeting
Location based advertising
Asynchronous loading of display ad
Flexibility to set time controlled ad rotations
Displays the banner as texture in 3D Games
When no ad available, the banner space is automatically hidden
Universal SDK (Smartphone & Tablet)
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  • AppStore
  • iTunes
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Call
  • URL
  • Google Play
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Call
  • URL
  • Marketplace
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Call
  • URL
  • AppWorld
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Call
  • URL
  • Bada Store
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Call
  • URL
  • OVI Store
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Call
  • URL
Other Capabilities
  • Supports iOS6
  • Supports Apple’s Advertising Identifier
  • Native integration with Apple iAd
  • Landing page opens WebView
  • Compatible with Admob’s AdWhirl SDK
  • Downward compatible with Android API 1.5
  • Compatibility with Honeycomb
  • Supports Windows Phone 8
  • Compatible with Qt 4.6 and Qt 4.7
  • Multi platform: runs on Symbian S60 3rd & 5th edition Symbian ^3 and Maemo
SDK Version Smaato Mobile Advertising iOS SDK 6.1.3 Smaato Mobile Advertising Android SDK 4.3 Smaato Mobile Advertising Windows Phone SDK 1.2 Smaato Mobile Advertising Blackberry SDK 1.1.2 Smaato Mobile Advertising Bada SDK 1.0.2 Smaato Mobile Advertising Symbian SDK 1.1
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