RTB Ad Exchange

Global Access To Quality Ad Inventory with Smaato’s RTB Ad Exchange

Smaato is the leading global mobile Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchange in the mobile advertising industry. RTB is an auction based system where the demand side (companies who want to place ads) bid for mobile inventory in real time. All this happens in milliseconds based on latest, state-of-the-art technology, big data and intelligent algorithms. RTB brings more transparency to the market and publishers and developers get higher prices for their valuable traffic.

Smaato RTB Ad Exchange
(Infographic: RTB Ad Exchange)

Higher eCPMs

Our RTB exchange is connected to over 240 mobile DSPs and 150 ad networks giving Publishers instant access to global ad inventory. 91 of Ad Age’s top 100 advertisers partner with Smaato.

The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX)

Smaato’s Publisher Platform (SPX) gives publishers the highest possible eCPMs for mobile inventory in live auctions because all advertising sources compete in real time for each ad impression with our Dynamic Demand technology. Publishers can activate additional targeting criteria to increase prices even more.

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