Global Access To Quality Ad Inventory

Smaato is the industry leader running one of the largest global Real-Time Bidding exchanges in the mobile advertising industry. Smaato’s RTB exchange is connected to over 140 mobile DSPs and 100 ad networks and gives Publishers instant access to global ad inventory including some of the largest brands in the world.

As a publisher you get instant access to quality ad inventory, globally, from leading DSPs and ad networks with a single SDK or API. You receive the highest possible eCPM for your mobile inventory in live auctions and can define floor prices for various apps and countries to receive minimum prices. Activate additional targeting criteria to increase prices even more.

Higher eCPM & More Transparency

Smaato is running one of the first Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Exchanges in the mobile industry. RTB is an auction based system where the demand side (companies who want to place ads) bid for mobile inventory in real time. The demand side prices the bids based on various targeting criteria in addition to unique user identifiers. The beauty of this new model is that it brings more transparency to the market and publishers and developers like you get higher prices for their valuable traffic. Smaato’s RTB Exchange is running on the OpenRTB industry standard which allows us to connect more and more partners quickly. For you as a publisher or developer the integration is no integration at all: Once you’re integrated with the Smaato platform you automatically participate in RTB as well. No further steps are needed.

Higher Ad Quality & Relevance

Through Smaato’s mobile RTB Exchange, you will see the quality and relevance of ads delivered to your apps and mobile web sites grow significantly. Precise targeting options for advertisers and the greater variety super-premium campaigns available through RTB feeds that growth. What does that mean for you? Simple! Higher consumer engagement results in increased revenues for you!

Decreased Work Flow & Campaign Management Costs

Smaato’s RTB Exchange offers a “set it and forget it” service. Once you have decided upon which real time buyers can access your inventory and have indicated the advertisers and creative types you want or don’t want for each placement in that ad inventory, you can let our RTB Exchange run with minimal management. There are no per campaign IOs to complete, no monthly re-negotiation of terms like discrepancy clauses, and constant monitoring to see if a media buyer is delivering low quality ads into your inventory under your nose.

Finding the best price ad in 150ms

Mobile publishers of all sizes gain huge benefits from more competitive bids, because interested advertisers bid at the same time, and the best bid wins. For you as a Publisher this means significantly higher eCPMs. All this happens in milliseconds based on latest, state-of-the-art technology, big data and intelligent algorithms.

Smaato’s RTB system sends parallel requests to ad networks, exchanges, and DSPs and aggregates historical as well as real time data for decision making. Our selection criteria ensure that the ad with the highest eCPM is chosen from the bids submitted by our demand partners.

Benefit From Global RTB Instantly

On Smaato’s RTB Exchange you will have instant access to high quality campaigns from a large number of ad networks and DSPs globally. There is no integration effort. Don’t wait! Contact us and make more money with Smaato RTB Exchange now!

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