Publishers and app developers should also note the mounting evidence that mobile video is increasing in value relative to other ad formats. In a recent eMarketer report on digital video ad effectiveness, experts found that mobile video engagement and click-through-rates are more than double that of desktop. Higher engagement - in the form of a video ad - attracts top quality advertisers and earns higher returns for publishers who can deliver a more engaged audience. Smaato's latest Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report shows that mobile video ads drove 11 times higher eCPM for publishers - a +1,042% uplift over traditional ads in Q1 2016.


Between creating a fluid ad experience, understanding video standards, and tracking views and interactions, the mobile video advertising landscape can daunt publishers at first glance. VPAID, MRAID, viewability and In-app vs. Mobile Web are only some of the ABC’s of video jargon that marketers and developers need to understand in the VAST (pun intended) mobile video ecosystem. Smaato has deep expertise in navigating the often complex world of delivering high quality mobile video advertising, so publishers and app developers needn’t be afraid to ask for support. To get you started, here’s a crash course in some key mobile video advertising constructs.