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Smaato Delves into Premium Media Buying in Real-Time

White Paper: Smaato Delves into Premium Media Buying in Real-Time

San Francisco, Calif. – July 24, 2014 – Smaato, the leading global mobile Real-Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchange (SMX) and Supply Side Platform (SSP), today releases its second in a series of white papers designed to aid mobile publishers and app developers in the monetization of their apps or mobile websites on a global scale. The new white paper commissioned by Smaato follows the first piece in this series, Successful Global Monetization Strategies for Mobile Apps and Websites, which addressed mobile monetization from square one: what to think about when trying to develop a monetization plan. In this next installment, Smaato delves deeper into the different buying models, how they work, and the motivations behind them.

Smaato owns and operates the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange and SSP. Smaato’s SMX platform helps 80,000+ publishers monetize their inventory across 390+ Ad Networks and Demand Side Platforms. SMX has access to 150+ Billion ad impressions per month from ad-serving platforms across 500+ Million Active Monthly Uniques.

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