Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group, a publicly-traded Chinese marketing and advertising leader, has made a proposal to purchase Smaato for $148 million, subject to final agreement signing, regulatory and each transaction party’s decision-making body approvals.

Smaato offers three key strategic strengths for Spearhead:

  • A substantial beachhead for expansion onto the worldwide stage.
  • Instant global reach to Smaato’s 1 billion monthly unique mobile users outside of China.
  • Cutting-edge real-time mobile advertising technology of the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX).

In addition to bringing a trusted partnership, Spearhead opens up the world’s second largest mobile advertising market for Smaato: China.

What does this means for Smaato’s customers and partners?

  • Significantly expanded reach to a fast-growing mobile advertising market in China with over 1 billion mobile users.
  • Greater resources to develop the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) and accelerate our technology roadmap.
  • Combined industry expertise to drive innovative mobile advertising and marketing solutions.

This collaboration creates enormous new opportunities for both partners. Spearhead brings to Smaato not only its expertise and a trusted partnership but opens up the Chinese market for us. Smaato allows Spearhead to expand very quickly outside of China. Together, we unlock potential for enormous growth and exciting possibilities that neither business could achieve alone.

Ragnar Kruse
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Smaato