The Unique Value of an Integrated Mobile Advertising Platform

Smaato’s Dynamic Demand, is a way of allowing every type of demand to compete for every single impression request. In the early days of ad exchanges, almost every company split their RTB (real-time bidding) and mediation layers. If the auction didn’t clear at a certain price, it was pushed down to the ad networks. Yet this model was inefficient when dealing with ad networks that were not guaranteed to fill yet might have ephemeral demand that matched a specific ad request. With SPX, we’ve given publishers the ability to control how the ad exchange can compete with their ad-serving stack. They can run it as traditional “remnant” fill, or make it compete with their direct sold campaigns. Giving control back to publishers allows for greater transparency in how and at what prices the ad exchange is able to compete for inventory. Key SPX Features:
  • SPX puts full monetization controls directly in the hands of the publisher, and connects them to Smaato’s RTB ad exchange (SMX) and complete ad network mediation stack.
  • Through SPX, Smaato connects publishers to over 240 Demand Side Platforms and over 150 directly integrated ad networks – and counting.
  • Mobile monetization for today and tomorrow starts with a platform like Smaato’s powerful integrated combination of ad server + RTB exchange + mature network mediation.

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