This Whitepaper is the first in a series of papers intended to give Mobile Publishers and App Developers insights into mobile monetization strategies. We attempt to help publishers create a successful monetization strategy for their apps or mobile website on a Mobile RTB-Enabled ad exchange.

The mobile economy is growing at exponentially and there are many competing and often confusing options on how to monetize in this industry. Mobile RTB is a good way to monetize because it establishes an environment where buyers and sellers can meet to determine the fair market value for an item or service. With mobile RTB, a group of relevant buyers hold an auction, collect bids, determine the winner of that auction and sends the winning bidder´s ad to the device that originated the request – All within a few hundred milliseconds.

Key Mobile RTB Features

  • The Function of an ad exchange like Smaato´s mobile RTB exchange is to bring publishers and demand buyers into a coherent real-time trading environment.
  • RTB creates a realistic fair market and lets the laws of competition prevail.
  • RTB has created a unique system that combines the rational power of humans with the computational power of sophisticated computer systems.
  • One of the most critical RTB decisions publishers must make concerns the floor prices: the minimum price the publisher is willing to accept for a given impression.

Successful Global Monetization Strategies for Mobile Apps and Websites

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