Mobile RTB Insights Report Q4 2014

Smaato’s RTB Insights Report is an in-depth analysis of global RTB data across our platform during the 4th quarter of 2014, and is sampled from the activity that takes place within the Smaato Exchange (SMX).

Growing supply, the availability of first-party data and newly dominant ad formats are driving increased revenues on the Smaato Exchange. The Smaato RTB exchange has seen 164% growth YoY in Q4, 2014. Supply increased by 418% across 230 countries, contributing to 164% Revenue Growth on the Smaato Exchange. Mobile RTB Revenue on the Smaato Exchange Grew 164% in Q4 2014 over Q4 2013.

Key Mobile Trends for Q4 2014

  • First-party data such as location data, age information, gender and Device ID is driving higher eCPMs and fill rates in all markets around the world.
  • Apps, as opposed to mobile websites, continue to dominate usage and revenues. 64% of revenues came from apps, compared with 36% from mobile web – with app inventory generating 10% higher eCPMs as well.
  • Mexico, Brazil, Italy, China and Indonesia were the top countries by revenue growth percentage increase during Q4 2014. The United States remains the top country by revenues overall.
  • Here come the interstitials. Spending on the 320×480 ad format, which are interstitial ads, experienced a 2,440% increase vs. this time last year. This was driven by an 887% increase in publisher supply.
  • Rich media, too. Rich Media generated 70% higher eCPM over basic image ads, and accounted for 60% of overall revenue on the Smaato Exchange in Q4 2014.

RTB Insights Report for Q4 2014

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