Global Trends in Mobile Advertising, Q4 2015

Smaato’s Q4 2015 Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report offers key insights into the mobile programmatic advertising landscape worldwide. Our platform handles over 300 billion ad impressions each month, which are auctioned through a network of over 450 demand partners. By analyzing the flow of impressions across Smaato’s platform, we can identify trends and emerging patterns that impact the entire mobile industry.

Key Mobile Trends for Q4 2015

  • 2015: A Transformational Year in Mobile

    Mobile ad spending in the U.S. passed a major milestone in 2015 by exceeding desktop for the first time. Will other regions follow suit?

  • China’s Rapid Mobile Ad Spend Growth

    While the U.S. remains the most valuable ad market in the world – and it continues growing at a healthy clip – it pales in comparison to China’s staggering expansion. Just how big was China’s growth and what are the implications?

  • Mobile Ad Spend Moves In-App

    On the Smaato platform, apps dominate mobile websites in terms of global ad spend. In the Americas, in-app share of Smaato ad spend grew from 64% to 77% in just 12 months. The APAC and EMEA regions also saw apps pick up share over the mobile web in Q4 2015. Download our report to see other interesting statistics like the ones below.

    In-App vs. Mobile Web Ad Spending Share - Q4 2014 & Q4 2015

  • Android Narrows eCPM Gap on iOS

    Android’s eCPM growth rate was much stronger than that of iOS during Q4 2015. We know that iOS users are no longer 1.55 times more valuable than Android users, but when will Android catch up?

  • Data is the New Currency in Mobile

    It’s no surprise that advertisers will pay substantially more to publishers who can provide data. But what kind of data is the most lucrative for publishers?

  • U.S. Holiday Ad Spend Peaks Earlier

    In previous years, U.S. holiday ad spend peaked on Christmas Eve. In Q4 2015, it peaked earlier. Download the Q4 2015 report to find out when.

Global Trends in Mobile Advertising Q4 2015

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