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The mobile advertising ecosystem broke records in the third quarter of 2019 as app downloads and ad prices rose globally.

Our Global In-App Advertising Trends report provides key insights into the evolving landscape of in-app advertising with an in-depth analysis of the ad requests, ad spending, and impressions on the Smaato platform. Download the report now to discover the five most important trends revealed on our platform in the third quarter of 2019.

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Discover Where Ad Requests and eCPMs Soared
The third quarter of 2019 saw impressive growth across regions in both ad requests and eCPMs, reaching its peak in September.
Gain Insights Into the Emerging Middle East and North Africa Region
Mobile ad spending is increasing in this emerging market as advertisers make the shift from more traditional channels.
See How Weather Apps Surge During Extreme Events
Various weather events during the summer months caused spikes in both ad requests and ad spending on the Smaato platform.
Find Out How Gaming Apps and Their Audiences Differ
From hyper-casual to hardcore, Q3 data demonstrates how user gender and generation vary significantly for different types of mobile games.
Learn How Sports Events Led to Spikes in In-App Activity
The start of a new sporting season in the US and Europe led to impressive results for sports apps with ad requests and ad spending spiking on game days.
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