Success Story: Ximad

Ximad is an owned-and-operated mobile game publisher with a stated goal to “bring to life revolutionary concepts and ideas that redefine conventional mobile gaming and reading as it exists today.” The company tagline is “Proud to Create Great Games.”

Smaato and Ximad began working together in 2010 and have remained close partners ever since. Ximad creates popular downloadable games such as Magic Jigsaw Puzzles on iOS and Android. Smaato, as a key monetization partner of Ximad’s, brings the ability to successfully monetize these gaming apps around the world, through its market-leading SDK and a wide selection of over 420 demand partners, including leading ad networks and DSPs.

Ximad generates app traffic worldwide, but the core geographies served are in the United States, UK and Canada, with Smaato largely filling their main 320×50 and 728×90 ad sizes. Though Ximad has apps on iOS and Android devices, iOS tends to see a 2% higher fill rate than Android does, yet more importantly, iOS has around a 47% higher eCPM for their apps due to higher minimum eCPM requirements set by this publisher.

Ximad Fast Facts

Location and Device ID are the two most important data parameters for Ximad. As with any publisher, it is extremely important to the buyer/demand partner for the publisher to allow these and other user parameters to be passed, so that their ads can be effectively targeted to the audiences most likely to engage with them.

Smaato accommodates Ximad and all managed publishers through the Smaato Publisher Platform, or SPX. This powerful monetization tool provides full pricing controls, a free ad server and a built-in optimization setup, and can be completely customized by each partner to their specific needs.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Ximad reaped the rewards of the customizable apects of SPX particularly in the month of June 2015, when they topped out at over $11K grossed in a single day, primarily due to the success of their most popular app, iOS Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. Smaato more than doubled the traffic Ximad was providing due to an increase in both fill rate and eCPM, resulting in a near 2000% increase in revenue month over month.

With acute attention to detail in fine-tuning their SPX account setup, Smaato’s observant and dedicated account managers were able to ensure Ximad was achieving and then exceeding their expected eCPMs, ensuring great results and long-term success for this premium publisher – as well as a successful and long-lasting partnership.

“We have a long-term and very successful partnership with Smaato. Ximad has seen great success in our eCPM growth on their platform, and as a result, strong revenue growth with Smaato. We also love the detailed statistics we get with SPX, and the fast and always kind service from Smaato’s team.”

~ Svetlana Osipova, Ad Ops Manager, Ximad

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