Success Story: MK Jigsaw LLP


MK Jigsaw was exploring new strategies to optimize their iPad and iPhone inventory monetization for the mobile app “Jigsaw Collection HD”. The challenge was to find a strong international monetization and mediation partner to increase ad revenues and eCPMs on a global scale.


MK Jigsaw began working with Smaato in 2013 and opened up its iPad and iPhone inventory to Smaato’s Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchange (SMX). Through the platform, advertisers were able to bid on MK Jigsaw’s inventory at an impression level. SMX ensured to maximize the yield through a tiered setup – a strategy that monetizes the inventory on every single request at multiple price points. This setup guaranteed that MK Jigsaw always received the best price for every single impression. Smaato’s dedicated account management team offered consultancy and optimization which helped MK Jigsaw to exceed their goals and expectations.


Since launching the new tiered setup strategy via SMX, the results have been tremendous and MK Jigsaw has been able to increase their total revenue by 55%, mainly through monetization in Tier 1 countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The average monthly eCPM in Q1 2014 has risen to up to $2.24; this was also a result of enriching every ad request with device ID parameters. The majority of ad inventory that came through Smaato’s 450+ demand partners were rich media campaigns and the top ad size was 728×90.

MK Jigsaw has spent enough time to find partners who can help us achieve our high goals, and once we tried Smaato’s platform, we created strong business relations. Smaato is a premium partner for MK Jigsaw, in helping us to optimize traffic and increase revenue, and enabling us to be a reliable publisher with high-quality traffic.

Andrei Kavalkou, Operation Manager at MK Jigsaw

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