Success Story: MediaFriends

About MediaFriends

MediaFriends empowers people to connect with each other in better ways using mobile messaging, Facebook and Twitter on virtually any internet enabled device. MediaFriends’ app HeyWire™ is the first and only multi-screen texting and chat service that delivers free international messaging with a real phone number. With one tap, HeyWire users can chat with their Facebook friends on literally any mobile device. With HeyWire, you eliminate texting plans and save money. You can literally reach anyone on any SMS-capable phone, anywhere in the world. It also turns your mobile device is a social networking hub, capable of combining SMS, Facebook chat and Twitter.

Why Smaato?

MediaFriends had tried multiple mobile advertising channels and multiple ad networks. With 1.6 billion subscribers in 114 countries, international traffic was lagging. And international fill rate seemed especially low. After integrating many ad networks, the MediaFriends team ran across Smaato. With over 80 ad networks around the world, with local regional mobile monetization experts in China, India, Europe and the Middle East, San Francisco-based Smaato was a natural fit for MediaFriends’ monetization strategy. Smaato’s international coverage and single point of integration were attractive benefits.


With Smaato, fill rates increased, especially internationally. And ad revenue soared. And this occurred in a way the MediaFriends team describes as low-maintenance. The unexpected benefit of personal service meant that any ad issues MediaFriends encountered were resolved quickly. MediaFriends managers access a dedicated Smaato Account Development Manager live once or twice a week to tweak a campaign or develop new strategies to increase ad revenue.

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