Success Story: Live Tiles


Thai LiveTile is one of the top app developers in Thailand, with four mobile applications launched to the public and a combined total of more than 30 million downloads. Their notable apps include GMaps+, Music+, Ringtones+ and Tube HD Download. Working with Smaato, LiveTile has significantly increased their mobile ad revenue and eCPM rates.

Fast Facts


LiveTile has been a Smaato partner since April 2015. Their main goal with Smaato’s platform was to generate more revenue for all of their applications. However, Live Tiles faced a challenge in finding a fair, transparent and honest network that delivers high eCPM and fill rates, coupled with a seamless setup process.


Prior to working with Smaato, LiveTile were using Windows Phone Ad Mediator, and Smaato happened to be one of the few platforms to support Windows Phone. Smaato’s professional and informative website interface, coupled with the opportunity to reach out to more than 450 demand sources around the world helped seal the deal. The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) provides LiveTile with the opportunity to gain full control over the monetization of their inventory and the types of advertisements being displayed in their apps.

Smaato’s dedicated account manager works very closely with the publisher to monitor app performances and provides regular insights on the best prices to sell the available app inventory. The Smaato team works hard to provide timely feedback and tracking reports to ensure that all parameters are in place.

LiveTile’s app revenue saw an increase of over 20% since they came on board with Smaato. eCPM rates were also boosted by approximately 30%. Advertising performance on SPX regularly exceeds Live Tiles’ expectations. These numbers are a testament to the very successful partnership between Smaato and LiveTile.

“Working with Smaato is so easy and frictionless! Not only is the integration process smooth but our app revenue has seen a steady increase since we started working with
Smaato. I’m really excited and looking forward to higher revenues and eCPM rates!”

~ P.A., Founder, Live Tiles

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