Success Story: Handmade Mobile Entertainment


Handmade Mobile Entertainment is looking to explore new ways to enhance the mobile advertising experience and to increase ad revenues and eCPMs on a global scale. The challenge is to find new ad placements without compromising the users app experience and to better monetize their inventory on a global scale.


Starting February 2013, Handmade Mobile Entertainment has partnered with Smaato to add the new unique Postitial® ad unit (provided by IQzone) to its Android application Flirtomatic. This new ad unit displays Medium Rectangle (300×250) or full page ads when ending an app session. It is creating additional inventory and a new revenue stream to its inventory without compromising the user experience or competing with existing mobile advertising campaigns.


Adding the Postitial® ad unit to the Flirtomatic Android application is driving significant ad revenue uplifts without loosing users. Handmade Mobile Entertainment is achieving 5x higher eCPMs and 3-5x higher CTRs.

Using the new Postitial® ad placement was like getting ‘free money‘ without compromising the user experience. Integration was a breeze as the ad unit is already integrated into Smaato‘s SDK. This new inventory had no impact to the user experience and our eCPMs went up by over 5x.

Simon Budd, Account Manager, Handmade Mobile Entertainment

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