Success Story: Code For Food


Code for Food has a number of popular applications under their belt. They have tried working with a few partners, but were not able to perform well and the fill rate would usually fall below 30%. Since the user concentration is more in Vietnam, they realized that not many networks have the capability to achieve a good fill rate.


Code for Food chose to work with Smaato in August 2013 and focused primarily in Vietnam on Windows Phone and Windows OS traffic. Not only did Smaato perform, the attention and guidance received was second to none. The client was amazed by the superb performance in a short span of two months, and ramped up the traffic to them on US and UK as well.


Since the partnership started, Smaato and Code for Food have been constantly updating each other on the performance, and how to bring things forward through Smaato’s Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchange (SMX). From a fill rate of less than 20% to constantly hitting more than 80%, SMX served 1.5 million ads per day and is still rising steadily.

Smaato is our first and best long term partner for monetizing mobile applications. Excellent system, perfect account management!

Linh Nguyen, Code for Food

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