Publisher Content Guidelines

Effective Date: December 15, 2016

I. Introduction

The following guidelines (“Publisher Content Guidelines”) describe the mobile advertising standards for any mobile website publisher, mobile application publisher, or mobile application developer (“Publisher”) using the Smaato Services.

In order to use the Smaato Services, Publisher agrees to abide by the Publisher Content Guidelines. Publisher also agrees to abide by Smaato’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other applicable agreements entered into with Smaato. Any violation of the Publisher Content Guidelines is subject to enforcement as provided in Section V below, in Smaato’s sole discretion.

Smaato reserves the right to update the Publisher Content Guidelines at any time. If an update includes material changes, Smaato shall provide notice of such update via email. By continuing to use the Smaato Services subsequent to such notice, Publisher agrees to abide by the updated version of the Publisher Content Guidelines.

Smaato, Inc. (“Smaato”) owns and operates certain services (“Smaato Services”) aimed to facilitate the delivery and insertion of demand partner advertisements (“Ads”) through Publishers’ mobile websites and/or mobile applications, on end-users’ mobile devices. The Smaato Services may be comprised of one or more of the following: various web pages available at and certain software, including the SOMA™ SDK and the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX).

II. Prohibited Content

Publisher is prohibited from using the Smaato Services if Publisher’s mobile websites and/or mobile applications feature or promote any of the following content categories:

  • Graphic or explicit violence (IAB25-2 (Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence));
  • Adult sexual content (IAB25-3 (Pornography));
  • Discriminating, offensive, or profane material or hate content (IAB25-4 (Profane Content), IAB25-5 (Hate Content));
  • Weapons, weapon accessories, and ammunition (IAB26-1 (Illegal Content));
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia (IAB26-1 (Illegal Content));
  • Tobacco and tobacco accessories (IAB9-9 (Cigars));
  • Spyware, malware, viruses, illegal hacking, or other materials that are intended to damage or render inoperable software or hardware (IAB26-3 (Spyware/Malware));
  • P2P file sharing, torrenting, or other content violating or infringing upon any third-party intellectual property rights (IAB26-2 (Warez), IAB26-4 (Copyright Infringement));
  • Counterfeit goods (IAB26-4 (Copyright Infringement));
  • Illegal products, activities, and services, including, but not limited to, “how-to” information on bomb-making, lock-picking, and similar topics (IAB26-1 (Illegal Content));
  • Unmoderated user-generated content (IAB25-1 (Unmoderated UGC));
  • Websites and other content that are under construction (IAB25-6 (Under Construction));
  • Incentivized clicks, videos, and downloads (IAB25-7 (Incentivized));
    • Exception: Publisher may allow rewarded video advertising, provided that the rewards offered to end-users for viewing the Ads are: (a) designated as a rewarded Ad by Publisher, (b) for the app in which the video Ad is displayed, and (c) virtual (i.e., having no monetary value). Publisher shall assume all responsibility and liability for such rewards.
  • Content or material offering traffic generation or promoting fraudulent traffic (IAB26-1 (Illegal Content));
  • Content or material pertaining to particular religions or spirituality, or advocating the superiority of a specific race/ethnic group, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, language, status as a veteran, or any other legally protected status (IAB23 (Religion & Spirituality), IAB25-5 (Hate Content));
  • Uncategorized content (IAB24 (Uncategorized));
  • Alcohol content (IAB8-5 (Cocktails/Beer), IAB8-18 (Wine));
  • Gambling or online casinos (if there is the ability to cash out in real currency) (IAB9-7 (Card Games));
  • Lotteries (IAB3-7 (Government));
  • Pharmaceutical or health products and services, including prescription medications (IAB7-5 (Alternative Medicine));
  • Abuse support (IAB7-28 (Incest/Abuse Support));
  • Substance abuse (IAB7-42 (Substance Abuse));
  • Hunting and shooting content (IAB17-18 (Hunting/Shooting));
  • Content or material promoting or containing links that are disparaging to Smaato or Smaato’s partners.

III. Restricted Content

Publisher’s mobile websites and/or mobile applications may be permitted to feature or promote the following restricted content categories, provided that Publisher has appropriate controls to ensure that such content complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the country and jurisdiction in which the content is served.

  • Financial services (IAB13-1 (Beginning Investing), IAB13-2 (Credit/Debt & Loans), IAB13-4 (Financial Planning), IAB13-5 (Hedge Fund), IAB13-6 (Insurance), IAB13-7 (Investing), IAB 13-8 (Mutual Funds), IAB13-9 (Options), IAB13-10 (Retirement Planning), IAB 13-11 (Stocks));
  • Political campaigning content (IAB11-4 (Politics)).

IV. Technical Requirements

Application/Adspace Setup

Applications and adspaces shall be set up within the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) and adhere to the following requirements:

  • The combination of application and adspace name must identify the traffic source, placement of the Ad, and the requested banner size (non-cryptic).
  • The application and adspace details must provide a valid URL that links to the inventory where the Ads are embedded:
    • In-App: Valid app store link.
    • Mobile Web: Valid website domain.
  • The application type and category must match its content.


To provide full transparency to the content, the following requirements relate to the information Publisher must send to Smaato in each Ad request and the setup in SPX. In general, each Ad traffic source (website domain or mobile application) must be split by single apps in SPX. The requirements differ for in-app traffic and mobile web traffic:

  • In-App Traffic
    • The bundle/application information must be provided in the App Details’ Download URL in SPX. (The bundle must conform to the standard format defined by the relevant app store.)
    • The advertising ID must be sent within the Ad request. Fake advertising IDs will be considered fraudulent.
  • Mobile Web Traffic
    • The full URL information of the Ad placement/Ad hosting webpage must be provided.


In order to ensure the authenticity of impressions, Ads shall be:

  • Visible (i.e., not hidden, out of page, stacked, or stuffed).
  • Placed reasonably and oriented correctly within the content, including an acceptable number or density of Ads in relation to the content.

V. Enforcement Policy

In addition to Smaato’s rights and remedies under Smaato’s Terms of Service and/or any other applicable agreements Publisher entered into with Smaato, any violation of the Publisher Content Guidelines may result in the suspension of Publisher’s mobile website and/or mobile application from the Smaato Services, in Smaato’s sole discretion. Additionally, Smaato reserves the right to suspend Publisher’s other mobile websites and/or mobile applications on the Smaato Services, reject Publisher’s future mobile websites and/or mobile applications, or terminate Publisher’s account.

VI. Contact

Please contact with any questions regarding the Publisher Content Guidelines.