Mobile is the New Desktop in Programmatic Advertising with Brands Driving the Spend, According to Smaato RTB Insights Report

Posted on November 6th, 2014

Q3 2014 Ad Spend Accelerates in CPG and Automotive

San Francisco, Calif. – November 6, 2014 – Smaato, the leading global mobile Real-Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchange (SMX) and Supply Side Platform (SSP), today released its global mobile RTB Insights Report for Q3 2014. The report is an in-depth analysis of worldwide exchange data, auctions, bids and impressions across Smaato’s SMX platform, which is globally connected to 337+ Demand Partners (138+ Ad Networks and 199+ Demand Side Platforms and Trading Desks) and boasts 91 of the Top 100 Ad Age Brands bidding on Smaato’s ad exchange. Smaato’s Q3 Insights highlight the top global advertising regions and industry sectors, with indicators on the growing deployment of data in mobile advertising worldwide and the growth of mobile RTB spending, compared to this same time last year.

Smaato owns and operates the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange and SSP, which serves 100 billion+ ad impressions per month to 450M+ unique visitors in US, EMEA and APAC regions.

According to Smaato SMX data, mobile programmatic spending has seen phenomenal growth over the last year, with programmatic spend on SMX growing by over 140% from Q3 2013. Based on this growth and according to projections from eMarketer, mobile programmatic spending is projected to surpass desktop programmatic advertising spend next year.

Additional findings from Smaato’s quarterly RTB Insights Report include:

The Consumer Products and Goods (CPG) category continued to dominate with 22% of the advertising spend in Q3 2014 – this is in line with last quarter’s trend with CPG hitting 25% in Q2 2014.

However, Automotive –which previously didn’t make a blip on the SMX map– contributed to 6% of the advertising spend in Q3 2014, making it the upcoming publisher category to watch in the year to come with the highest jump in number of impressions this time around.

“Whether it’s CPG or Automotive, this many categories vying for the top spot serves as proof that brand spending on mobile RTB advertising is here to stay,” said Smaato CEO Ragnar Kruse.

Real-Time Bidding is Making Inroads in Emerging Markets

While the mature advertising markets of the US, Canada, and UK contribute to 72% of the total RTB advertising spend in Smaato’s SMX platform, the data in Smaato’s report shows that Real-Time Bidding adoption in mobile advertising is picking up pace in emerging markets. There has been a massive growth in both the number of RTB impressions and RTB advertising spend in countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand and Malaysia. In the Americas, Argentina at 991% saw the biggest increase in RTB impressions, as well as RTB spend at 4000%. In EMEA, Russia had the highest growth in RTB impressions at 1305%, while South Africa saw the biggest increase in spend at 472%. In APAC, Thailand saw the biggest increase in the number of RTB impressions at 313%, while Indonesia had the biggest increase in RTB spend at 1809%, further validating the advertiser’s need for first-party data in emerging mobile advertising markets.

Advertisers Value Anonymized User Data, not just 3rd-party Data

Most importantly, Smaato’s platform is a combination of an ad server, an RTB and exchange and an SSP. When app developers and mobile publishers provide user data like location, age, gender in a privacy-safe manner to bidding advertisers in SMX, the advertisers are willing to buy more impressions and pay more per impression, resulting in higher eCPMs and fill rates. The RTB Insights report reveals up to a 100% increase in eCPMs and fill rates when app developers pass first-party data and take control of building their own first-party segments of data in Smaato’s publisher platform, similar to what has been successful for Facebook as a publisher.

“Our Q3 data quantifies the trend in mobile ad spend soaring worldwide,” said Kruse. “The most successful advertisers are proving to be those who can harness and deploy ad spending data, whether it’s targeting certain categories or regions.”

During the 2014 ad:tech New York conference on November 6, 2014, Smaato will be presenting an analysis of RTB trends including those in this latest Insights report.

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