Smaato Pioneers Artificial Intelligence and Auto-Learning Mobile Ad Fraud Detection Engine, Protecting Advertisers and Publishers

Posted on July 21st, 2015

Smaato’s engine blocks more than 30 percent of traffic heading to publisher apps to provide advertisers clean, brand-safe, viewable content, as well as the highest eCPMs for publishers

SAN FRANCISCO – July 21st, 2015 – Smaato, the largest independent, globally-focused mobile ad exchange, today announced a new fraud detection engine powered by artificial intelligence and auto-learning technology to lead the fight in cleaning up the digital advertising world. As a mobile real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace, Smaato allows publishers to integrate clean, high-quality mobile advertising to monetize apps. By preventing both click fraud and fraudulent/low-quality ads, Smaato’s engine creates a fraud-free marketplace to benefit marketers, publishers and app developers alike.

Traffic fraud and fraudulent advertising pose a huge threat to digital marketing’s overall growth. Fraudulent ads (e.g., undesirable banners for gambling or pornography, or ads that automatically redirect users to new pages upon loading) are devastating for publishers, resulting in a poor user experience and a negative reputation. Meanwhile, through click fraud, advertisers lose billions of dollars – $11 billionjust last year – due to bot networks that drive fake impressions.

While other platforms use third-party partners to manage the quality of publisher inventory, Smaato has created its own industry-leading internal algorithm for fraud inspection as part of its Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX). This platform prevents against traffic fraud by ensuring that all advertisements are gaining true traffic and are viewed by real individuals by investigating the origin of the traffic, attributing patterns to the bot networks and flagging it as fraud. Smaato’s platform also rejects fraudulent ads, allowing publishers to maintain customer trust and maximize user engagement and revenue.

“Fraudulent advertising is a plague on the mobile advertising industry and as it grows at unprecedented levels, we challenge ourselves to ensure we only have genuine users and clean ads in our system,” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato. “It’s crucial that all partners in the ecosystem continue to evolve and innovate around both ad quality and fraudulent traffic, instead of pushing it aside in the name of a short-term increase in business, which allows fraud to proliferate and affect the quality of our ecosystem overall.”

Smaato’s engine uses machine learning technology to analyze big data and extract fraud patterns. Its self-learning engine also detects new fraud patterns in real time, so it can stop new trends as they’re being created. The algorithm includes several inspections for these non-human patterns, along with an around-the-clock global team of personnel dedicated to filtering incoming publisher traffic.

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