Press Releases 2012

Smaato Expands Mobile Advertising Opportunities for App Developers by Supporting Windows Phone 8

Build Conference, Redmond, Washington, October 30th, 2012 – Smaato, the leading mobile ad monetization platform for fast-growing application developers, today announced the release of the Smaato’s advertising SDK for Windows Phone 8 to support Microsoft’s launch of its Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit (SDK).

A single integration with Smaato’s SDK will allow app developers to monetize apps with mobile advertising in more than 190 countries and territories. It will provide access to over 90 ad networks, as well as access to Smaato’s state of the art global Mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange, which has more than 25 Demand Side Platform partners.

Microsoft cares a lot about how developers can monetize their applications and we strive to offer them choice”, said JC Cimetiere, Director, Windows Phone Partner & Developer programs, Microsoft Corp, “Smaato’s broad worldwide network and its support for Windows Phone 8 on day 1 of the availability of our SDK is a great opportunity for Windows Phone developers.”

Microsoft’s Windows Phone offers an attractive OS platform, and we’re pleased to work with Microsoft to ensure that Windows Phone app developers will be able to more easily monetize apps through mobile advertising. Smaato was one of the very first companies to provide a SDK supporting Windows Phone – by developing our SDK for Windows Phone 8 it demonstrates Smaato’s ongoing commitment to providing choice and convenience to app developers all around the globe,” stated Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO of Smaato.”

Smaato To Monetize Top Electronic Arts Games Inventory in Asia Pacific

Singapore, August 20th, 2012 – Smaato, the largest mobile ad monetization platform for fast-growing application developers and Electronic Arts (EA) have entered into an agreement that will see the monetization of the latter’s top titles in their global inventory across the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of the EA games to be immediately monetized by Smaato include Boggle, Road Trippin’™, MONOPOLY Hotels, The Sims™ FreePlay and Tetris® 2011 Free.

EA is pleased to partner with Smaato in monetizing our mobile ad inventory in Asia. Working with Smaato will enable more brand advertisers to run relevant campaigns to EA mobile games reaching a wide, highly engaged and deeply targeted audience globally”, stated Mark Fordham, General Manager, EA Southeast Asia.

This agreement comes at an exciting time when mobile advertising spend is expected to reach about US$ 4billion in Asia in 2013. What Smaato brings to the table is that our SDKs comply with the latest industry guidelines on privacy. Our Real-Time Bidding (RTB) with automated media buying will ensure fair pricing for EA with more control over the relevance and pricing of their actual audience characteristics rather than just ad spaces. The higher transparency Smaato provides could lead to better allocation of budgets in new channels and to higher eCPMs for EA’s games”, stated Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO of Smaato.

Smaato Adds New Capabilities to Leading Mobile Ad Optimization Platform

San Francisco, CA / Singapore / Hamburg, August 15th, 2012 – Smaato, the leading mobile supply side platform and mobile ad exchange, today introduces three new capabilities to its industry leading mobile ad optimization platform, which includes the Smaato Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange, the Smaato Ad Server and Smaato Mediation. Smaato’s latest features aim to help mobile app developers and publishers more effectively monetize on a global scale. Capabilities include:

Smaato Mobile RTB Exchange

Based on the OpenRTB standard version 2.0, Smaato’s new global mobile RTB Exchange will provide Ad Networks and Demand Side Platform Providers (DSPs) access to high quality inventory and targeted mobile audiences, helping to increase eCPM and ad revenues for over 58,000 app developers and publishers currently using Smaato technology.

The Smaato global mobile RTB Exchange will deliver enhanced targeting options and increased access to a larger pool of high quality premium campaigns, which will in turn help to improve ad quality and relevance for advertisers. Other key Smaato RTB features include providing full transparency into ad serving as well as the ability to automate campaign settings, enabling campaign managers to “set and forget” and reduce campaign workload.

The RTB exchange will also include a unique web-based RTB self-service testing portal, allowing Ad Networks and DSPs to test OpenRTB implementations. In doing so, DSPs and Ad Networks can conduct trigger tests at any given time. Once a DSP or an Ad Network has passed they can then go live without further verification, bringing enormous time savings for Ad Networks and DSPs and eliminating the need for manual testing.

Smaato Ad Server

Other capability to be included is the introduction of the Smaato Ad Server which allows mobile app developers and website publishers to cross-promote or sell inventory directly to advertisers through their own sales forces. The Smaato Ad Server will also offer all standard ad server functionalities, such as the ability to support video and rich media, as well as offering a wide range of targeting capabilities.

Smaato Mediation

The addition of Smaato Mediation aims to help mobile app developers and website publishers easily and flexibly route traffic according to requirements. In addition to having control over traffic, Smaato’s data-driven optimization engine also sources top paying ads, enabling mobile app developers and website publishers to get top dollar for premium inventory.

Smaato Mediation does not require a separate 3rd party SDK, which means very little integration is required in order to leverage multiple Ad Networks on a global scale.

Our mission is to extend our platform with advanced new components to better serve the requirements and goals of fast-growing mobile app developers and mobile website publishers who want to monetize their inventory on a global level, said Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO of Smaato.

With the availability of the new Smaato features, our customers and partners have all functionalities they need to be successful on a single optimization platform. This is a big advantage for our customers and helps them maximize their ad revenue through an easy- to-use, one-stop global ad optimization platform. For us this is a big step forward and it emphasizes our deep understanding of customer requirements and our market position as a technology leader and global monetization expert.

Smaato Reveals Industry’s First Mobile Advertising Price Index

San Francisco, CA / Singapore / Hamburg, June 28, 2012 – Smaato Inc., the leading mobile supply side platform and mobile ad exchange, today releases its latest mobile advertising pricing guide, the Smaato Index, for app developers and mobile advertisers.

Powered by extensive analytics and a robust pricing engine, the Smaato Index offers real- world metrics to help focus mobile advertising efforts. The Smaato Index helps both advertisers and app developers navigate the complex mobile advertising landscape. For app developers, the Smaato Index helps achieve the highest Average Revenue per User (ARPU). For advertisers, it helps to cost-effectively target the right countries.

This graphic of the Smaato Index for Q1 2012 represents a percentage of the eCPC average per country by ad network using the U.S. as a baseline of 100 for the overall index.

Smaato Mobile Advertising Pricing Index

Smaato helps customers gain data-driven decision-making capabilities,” said Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO of Smaato. “With our international customer base of over 55,000 application developers and relationships with over 80 ad networks, we measure what’s happening in real-time. The Smaato Index provides insight on where to spend ad budgets effectively and where publishers can make the most revenue.

Mobile advertising dynamics are quickly evolving in 2012. Rapid smartphone adoption in the U.S. means advertisers will be able to reach 50% of the US population at Christmas 2012 through mobile advertising. Smaato’s Index gives app developers the business intelligence needed to make the most revenue, concluded Kruse.

Smaato Reveals Inclusive Growth in Asian Mobile Advertising Market

Singapore, June 25, 2012 – Mobile advertising in Asia is set to realize its potential and tap into a landmark 1.11 billion app user market in 2015, twice as huge as compared to 2012. This growth is precipitated by the rise of smartphone ownership and mobile internet users. As highlighted by a new white paper commissioned by Smaato, one in five mobile users will own a smartphone by end of 2013, with mobile internet user market hitting the one billion mark by 2014.

This increase in the number of app users and smartphone owners is inducing a change in the mobile advertising market. Besides big brands that typically drive such growth with their large marketing budgets, smaller brands and mobile content companies, such as app developers, are also entering the scene. App developers can now be both advertisers themselves, to attract crowds to their apps, and content publishers, who monetize their apps by selling ad spaces within these apps.

This trend signals a shift toward a more leveled playing field for app developers and advertisers of all sizes. Such inclusive development of the mobile advertising market can be attributed to sophisticated mobile advertising technologies available these days that lower the barriers of entry for smaller brands and app developers.

The White Paper is available for free download at

Asia’s growth momentum is bound to pick up with the decreasing cost of smart devices and the development of telecommunication infrastructure alongside the next wave of 4G mobile standards,” stated Smaato Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Marcus Tan. Smaato is dedicated to constantly innovate and deliver the best mobile advertising technologies to Asia through our global connections, to actualize mobile advertising’s largest value in Asia.

Smaato Releases New iOS SDK Compatible with UDID Privacy Policy from Apple

Smaato Inc., the largest mobile ad monetization platform geared for fast-growing application developers, announces its new iOS SDK. Smaato’s iOS SDK version 5.2 is now available for download from Smaato’s Publisher Portal. The version adheres to privacy guidelines surrounding the use of Unique Device Identifier (UDID). Recently some apps that use UDID were rejected for not complying with Apple’s latest privacy guidelines. The new Smaato iOS SDK now adheres to these newly enforced guidelines and does not access or transmit UDID, resolving most privacy issues, therefore helping app developers gain quicker app store approval.

To meet advertisers’ demands, developers using Smaato’s monetization platform can now also use Open Device Identification Number (ODIN) or OpenUDID, a free, open source initiative that uses a feature in iOS to share data between applications in order to store a unique identifier.

The new iOS SDK grants access to more than 80 ad networks worldwide to serve rich media, display or text ads within applications and mobile websites on iOS devices. The new iOS SDK can be downloaded here.

Recent changes in privacy and security policies raised some concerns about viable UDID alternatives, stated Smaato CEO and Co-founder Ragnar Kruse. As a result, Smaato became a founding partner in the ODIN Working Group to help align the industry on the best possible solution. With this latest version of iOS SDK, along with our participation in ODIN, Smaato is well equipped to help the 50,000 developers currently using Smaato technology to quickly react to any changes in industry standards.

Smaato Powers Ahead with Record Growth; Unveils Smaato Global Price Index for Mobile Advertising

2011 proved to be a record year for Smaato with the mobile advertising leader reporting over 200%
growth, adding offices in Singapore, New York, London, Jakarta and Mumbai.

Smaato also expanded its global platform to include an additional 44,000 app developers and publishers and 28 new ad networks, bringing Smaato’s mobile advertising customer base to over 50,000 developers and publishers and over 80 ad networks, enabling Smaato to extend campaigns to over 230 countries worldwide. Smaato also achieved record volumes, managing over 190 billion ad requests in Q4 with total traffic increasing by over 50% from December to January 2012.

First Mobile Advertising Global Price Index

In a landmark move, Smaato unveils the industry’s first price index. The Smaato Global Price Index aims to serve as a global rate card for mobile advertising.

Powered by extensive analytics and a robust pricing engine, the Smaato Global Price Index offers real- world metrics on where to focus monetization efforts, helping app developers and advertisers to better navigate the mobile advertising landscape and better strategically develop, plan and rollout their campaigns.

Reaching record growth numbers in 2011, Smaato continues to push the mobile advertising envelope on performance and scale, stated Ragnar Kruse, co-founder and CEO of Smaato. At Smaato, we are the one-stop shop for fast-growing publishers to optimize international advertising revenues. Our global reach, pioneering technology and local market expertise makes us an ideal partner to help app developers navigate through the complexity, paving the way for those looking to harness mobile advertising’s true value.

Smaato’s New SDK for Windows Phone 8 with MRAID Compliance Opens the Door for Higher Paying Rich Media Ads

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2012 – Smaato, the leading global mobile ad exchange, announced the release of the Smaato Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 8 with MRAID support, providing Windows Phone 8 Developers the opportunity to monetize with Rich Media Ads.

The build out of the Windows Phone SDK with MRAID support now enables Mobile Application Developers the opportunity to deliver rich media advertisements to their consumers. Rich Media ads, coupled with Smaato’s state of the art RTB program means much higher eCPM’s and revenue for publishers. Just in RTB alone, without the delivery of Rich Media Ads, Smaato has seen an eCPM uplift of about 125% (non RTB to RTB) on the Windows Phone Platform. Inclusion of rich media format availability for Windows Phone 8 will offer a unique and vast opportunity for WP8 application developer’s to monetize their traffic better than they ever have before.

Through Smaato’s dedication to the Windows Phone Brand developer’s community, the new SDK is now ready and available for download at //

Windows Phone gives developers a wide range of options to monetize their applications,” stated Todd Brix, General Manager, Windows Phone Apps, Microsoft Corp. “Smaato delivers even more monetization options through the rich media ad support in its SDK for Windows Phone 8.”

The efficiencies created by RTB will further contribute to the growth of rich media and mobile video advertisements because of their high level of consumer engagement and interaction. These ad formats, combined with geo targeting and behavioral data will drive the relevance of mobile advertising for local, mobile commerce,” stated Ragnar Kruse, CEO Founder of Smaato in regards to his thoughts on where the future of mobile advertising lies.

Smaato Partners with IQzone To Generate Incremental Revenue for Android App Developers and Publishers

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2012 – Smaato, the leading global mobile ad exchange, today announced a partnership with IQzone, a technology company specializing in post app mobile advertising solutions. IQzone’s PostitialTM mobile advertising solution generates incremental revenue for Android app developers and publishers.

This unique advertising technology creates a new ad slot for performance or branding campaigns that enables display of MPUs, full screen interstitial, rich media, and video ads without interrupting the user experience. The Postitial ad slot delivers increased engagement and high value eCPMs to publishers, maximizing mobile app monetization potential.

We are excited to be partnering with Smaato in launching IQzone’s Postitial advertising unit. Smaato is the industry’s leading Supply Side Platform and combines mobile advertising leadership with innovation in the space. This enables IQzone to instantly scale its Postitial advertising unit, giving Smaato publishers higher eCPMs and giving Ad Networks and DSPs access to incremental in-demand inventory”, stated IQzone President and CEO Jim Wolfinger.

The mobile advertising industry is a very dynamic industry with high paced technological innovation. You need the latest in technology and features in order to play a leading role in RTB-enabled mobile advertising, therefore we are always looking for partners with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. Partnering with IQzone enables Smaato to offer a plug-and-play post app mobile advertising solution for Android smartphones and tablets. Through this technology, user experience will be enhanced which will lead to higher monetization and significantly higher eCPMs for our publishers,” stated Smaato’s COO Georg Fiegen.

Smaato Takes 2013 Mobility Award

San Francisco, Singapore, Hamburg, Germany, January 16, 2013 – Smaato, the leading mobile RTB ad exchange and ad optimization platform for fast-growing application developers, has been awarded a 2013 Mobility Award for Mobile Advertising as Best Mobile Ad Network by MobileTrax, a leading mobile and wireless industry analyst firm, at CES in Las Vegas.

The 2013 Mobility Awards were selected by 61 industry-leading press and analysts who cover the mobile and wireless market. They recognize the mobile computing and wireless data communications products and services that have had the greatest impact on the industry in the last year. With the launch of its real-time bidding (RTB) platform in June 2012, Smaato has demonstrated the benefit of its 7 years of experience in the sector, and with this, guaranteed easy demand side platform (DSP) integration through its connections to 40 DSPs and more than 90 ad networks.

The Mobility awards have honored the brightest innovators in mobile computing and wireless data communications products and services for the past 17 years, stated J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst with MobileTrax LLC. “Again, this year there was stiff competition for the Mobile Ad Networks category and we congratulate Smaato for standing out in the market with its RTB exchange offering.”

Winning this award is a real achievement in such a crowded mobile advertising market. Smaato’s recognition of its global leadership and Real Time Bidding (RTB) expertise is a validation for our strong technology investment and global focus,” stated Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO of Smaato.