Why you need to prepare Diwali ad campaigns

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Why You Need to Prepare a Diwali Ad Campaigns

3 Minute Read | September 19th, 2018

Janice Goh

Janice Goh
Marketing Associate

Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in the Indian community. Commonly termed Festival of Lights, Diwali begins on November 7 this year and spans over five days. During Diwali, people are typically decked out in new clothes, while houses are cleaned and decorated with colorful lights and lamps. It is also a time where families bond and connect with each other — often by using their mobile phones.

But what makes Diwali such a great mobile advertising opportunity? For one, India ranks second worldwide for the total number of smartphone users with over 300 million.1 So, it comes as no surprise that mobile is the first point of brand interaction with many Indian consumers during Diwali. This is why it’s important to prepare Diwali ad campaigns.

Key Mobile Facts About Diwali in India

  • Most of India’s online shopping is done through mobile devices. During Diwali, major e-commerce sites see a 5X increase in visitors and sales go up +140%.2
  • Festival preparation begins weeks before November 7, but plenty of shopping is done at the last minute. In-app purchases made in the week before Diwali and on the first day of Diwali were 45% and 61% higher than other times of the year.3
  • Social media usage skyrockets during Diwali. Facebook users in India upload 3X more videos and 1.5X more photos via mobile as they celebrate Diwali compared to their normal usage.4

With the fanfare surrounding the most anticipated and lucrative festival in the Indian community, advertisers should capitalize on this opportunity to differentiate themselves and engage potential customers. There is no question that mobile will take center stage this Diwali, as the number of smartphone users continues to grow. With an increase of 12-15% in advertising spend during this holiday5, let us show you how to one-up the competition.

Tips to Help Your Brand Stand Out With Diwali Ad Campaigns

1. Ensure Brand Safety

The in-app environment offers a brand-safe place for advertisers to invest their marketing budgets during Diwali. To ensure that your ads are sent to actual consumers, brands should engage reliable companies that are using third-party in-app viewability measurement tools. Another critical measure for ensuring your ads are being shown in a brand-safe environment is to understand all of the players within the programmatic supply chain. This will allow you to maintain control over your creatives as they move through the chain and are ultimately served on a user’s mobile device.

2. Choose the Right Ad Format

Differentiating your brand amidst the many that will be advertising this Diwali is a difficult task. However, arming yourself with the right knowledge will allow you to have an effective campaign and be a step ahead of the pack. Online video is shaping the marketing world, especially in India where 69 million people watch video content on a mobile device each month.6 Video ad campaigns allow brands to tell a story and connect deeper with consumers. And since video is the preferred entertainment medium for mobile users, it also delivers a 2X better engagement rate than traditional ad formats.7

3. Find the Right Time to Reach Users

As online activity heats up both before and during Diwali, savvy brands should start early and be primed to win the attention of the Indian audience as they prepare and celebrate Diwali. Choosing the right time to display your ads will not only give you an extra edge over competitors but also allow you to brighten your smile in this festival of lights.

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