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Announcing the Smaato NextGen SDK: A Q&A With CPO Freddy Friedman

3 Minute Read | September 24th, 2019

Courtney Reich

Courtney Reich
Content Marketing Manager

We are excited to announce the release of the Smaato NextGen SDK — a new software development kit that was dynamically built for today’s in-app advertising landscape. With key features such as support for Open Measurement and an in-app header bidding solution, this new SDK will bring publishers into the next generation of monetization and maximize their revenue potential.

To give you deeper insights into the Smaato NextGen SDK, we sat down with Freddy Friedman, Smaato’s Chief Product Officer.

Why did Smaato decide to develop a brand-new SDK?

The in-app advertising industry has evolved rapidly over the past few years. We’ve seen new ad formats, new measurement criteria, and new bidding technologies develop and grow. From our perspective, these changes have been significant enough to render many existing SDKs in the market outdated. Instead of simply continuing to release updates to our previous SDK, we decided to develop a new, lightweight SDK from the ground-up to ensure that it meets all of the current and future needs of app publishers and in-app advertisers.

Who was involved in building the NextGen SDK?

Last year, Smaato opened a new office in Berlin to house a new development team to create our NextGen SDK. This team is comprised of former app developers who have a profound understanding of the issues that mobile publishers encounter when integrating an advertising SDK. We’ve been impressed with the team’s ability to use this knowledge and experience to develop an SDK that is truly publisher-friendly and easy to integrate.

Why should app publishers integrate the NextGen SDK?

The Smaato NextGen SDK empowers publishers with the ability to unlock their full earning potential. Our new in-app header bidding solution, Unified Bidding, was built using state-of-the-art in-app auction technology. With Unified Bidding, auctions are run based on real-time prices, not just historical averages, which ensures that publishers receive the highest possible bid for every impression.

The NextGen SDK also provides publishers with the flexibility to integrate with Smaato in a way that makes the most sense for their app. We accomplished this by offering publishers a modular set-up. Publishers can easily select the relevant ad formats they need and keep their setup lightweight by not including the ones they don’t.

How does the NextGen SDK benefit demand partners?

Demand partners will benefit from reliable, third-party viewability measurement through the inclusion of IAB’s Open Measurement SDK. Furthermore, through Unified Bidding, each demand partner will have the opportunity to bid on every ad impression — no more fighting against the waterfall.

Which ad formats does the NextGen SDK support?

It currently includes support for banners, interstitial display, rich media, interstitial video, and rewarded video ads. We will be releasing a new version soon, which will include support for native, vertical video, and playable rewarded ads. It’s also important to note that the NextGen SDK supports MRAID version 3.0 and VAST version 4.0. We will support VAST 4.1 within the next few weeks as well.

How does the NextGen SDK provide better protections in regards to ad quality?

Because we built the NextGen SDK from the ground-up, we were able to place a stronger emphasis on ad quality protections by including additional measures to proactively handle auto-redirects, pop-ups, alerts, and more. We will continue to focus on ad quality features as we provide updates to the NextGen SDK going forward.

How can publishers interested in integrating the NextGen SDK get started?

The Smaato NextGen SDK is available for download here. We also have an integration guide available on our Developer Docs, where publishers can find documentation for the Android and iOS NextGen SDKs. Our account management and support teams are also available to answer any specific questions. We’re really looking forward to even greater adoption of the Smaato NextGen SDK.

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