Smaato Joins Google’s Exchange Bidding Program as Key Mobile Partner

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Smaato Joins Google’s Exchange Bidding Program as Key Mobile Partner

2 Minute Read | November 6th, 2016

Christian Sieweke

Christian Sieweke
Director of Product Management

About six months ago, Google decided to open up the Dynamic Allocation feature inside DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to third party exchanges allowing them to compete for ad impressions. It’s fair to say the advertising industry sat up and took notice, since this announcement carried real implications for both supply and demand (not to mention the fully intentional impact on header bidding solutions).

Since then, Google has seen strong growth in its Exchange Bidding product. Given such positive early results, the company has decided to double-down on this success by expanding the program. Jonathan Bellack, Google’s Director of Product Management, unveiled several new exchange partners at the Programmatic I/O conference in New York last month. Smaato is pleased to be listed as one of Google’s key selected mobile exchange partners.

So what’s the benefit of adding third-party exchanges into DFP’s Dynamic Allocation? This allows the DFP ad server to communicate with outside ad exchanges and provide them with the opportunity to bid on every publisher impression in competition with their direct sold campaigns and Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX). Previously third party demand could only compete with direct campaigns and AdX prices based on an average price manually entered and updated by a publisher.

Google explains that this kind of a server-to-server connection reduces page load latency and increases the available demand for ad inventory, thereby improving the overall user experience.

This integration gives DFP publishers the ability to reach Smaato’s 450+ mobile-specific demand partners worldwide, increasing their access to high quality global demand for available mobile ad inventory. Smaato’s demand partners can now compete for ad impressions based on price and priority, in parallel with other exchanges connected to DFP.

Google’s goal in expanding the Exchange Bidding program is to unify demand with real-time bids and increase yield for publishers. Smaato is delighted to be a part of this important industry initiative, which aims to increase competition, reduce latency and improve the overall user experience. The integration is simple and it requires no new development for publishers to participate, so stay tuned as we roll out this important integration for the Smaato mobile ad exchange!

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