Introducing the Next Generation of Smaato’s Demand-Facing Platform — SDX

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Introducing the Next Generation of Smaato’s Demand-Facing Platform — SDX

4 Minute Read | November 15th, 2017

Nabil Chouaieb

Nabil Chouaieb
Director of Product Management

We are excited to announce the next generation of the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX) that will boost campaign reach and reduce traffic costs.

SDX is a unique and powerful tool in the mobile advertising marketplace, enabling buyers on Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) to conduct sophisticated, self-service targeting. After a successful year with SDX, we are excited to offer DSPs and agencies additional insights and targeting capabilities that are both precise and customizable. In particular, we have focused on two of the most important concerns of our demand partners: transparency and optimized targeting.


Fostering a transparent advertising marketplace requires more than just viewability measurement. It requires transparency between all parties involved in the buying process.

A crucial component of Smaato’s mission is to provide our demand partners with the right tools so they can see and control what they buy. With SDX, agencies that are partnered with Smaato-connected DSPs also gain access to the Smaato platform. This allows all of our demand partners to easily check where their budgets are going as well as precisely target what they want to buy by setting up targeting line items directly in SDX.

For DSPs and agencies looking to optimize their targeting strategy and directly access spend data from anywhere at any time, contact a Smaato Account Manager today.

Optimized Targeting

As a DSP or agency, it is easy to buy traffic on different exchanges — however, it can be difficult to confirm whether purchased traffic precisely matches campaign needs.

We are excited to announce new targeting solutions that optimize the way DSPs and agencies buy traffic, ensuring that each and every mobile advertising campaign is getting in front of the right audience, on the right device, at the right mobile moment: Smaato’s Open Deals and audience targeting with adsquare.

Precision Targeting on the Open Market

With Smaato’s new “always on” Open Deals, demand partners can purchase a pre-selected package of inventory across different publishers based on their targeting goals or customize their own package with specific apps and ad spaces.

Our packaged Open Deals consist of a whitelist of apps curated by Smaato’s team of mobile advertising experts. These pre-selected packaged deals run on the open market and are set up directly through the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX) — this means that our partners can work with a Smaato Account Manager to purchase packages with no time constraints or fixed prices, as are often seen with preferred or private deals.

Popular Open Deals Packages

Alternatively, Smaato demand partners can also customize their own whitelist of specific apps and ad spaces within the countries of their choice. Simply log in to SDX and create a new Smaato Exchange line item. Select “Open Deal” as the Type, and this will generate a unique Deal ID that allows you to select the traffic that best meets your needs.

How to Create a Customized Open Deal in Seconds

  1. Create a “New Smaato Exchange Line Item” in SDX
  2. Name the Line Item
  3. Choose “Type: Open Deal”
    • Copy the Deal ID
    • Provide this to your DSP partner
  4. Select your preferred “Traffic Targeting”
  5. Save the Line Item

Premium Audience Targeting

To enable DSPs and agencies to target inventory based on user data, we have also partnered with adsquare. Using SDX, mobile advertisers can now directly target high-value audience segments through our easy-to-use interface.

Together with adsquare, we now offer predefined audiences that can be easily selected in SDX, including Students, Moms, Sports Enthusiasts, Tourists, Foodies and many more. In fact, depending on the targeted country, there are nearly 100 different premium audiences to choose from. We also offer the ability to create custom audiences based on thousands of attributes, such as age, gender, income, family type and more.

Popular Predefined Audiences

As mobile audience data has become more sophisticated and granular, advertisers can now achieve higher confidence in their spending decisions when targeting specific consumers — cutting the cost of incoming traffic that is not relevant to their campaigns. Smaato demand partners can achieve unprecedented accuracy by combining their target audience with location data to reach highly-specific consumers in the right place at the right time.

Audience buying represents the future of mobile in-app advertising, and we are excited to offer you more precise and efficient targeting capabilities. For custom audience targeting that is tailored to fit your unique campaign needs, please contact a Smaato Account Manager.

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