Smaato’s Native Ad Builder Gets You Started with Native App Ads

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Smaato’s Native Ad Builder Gets You Started with Native App Ads

2 Minute Read | October 1st, 2015

Bertrand Rothen

Bertrand Rothen
Product Marketing Manager

Looking to move beyond the banner, and start serving native advertising within your apps and websites? With native advertising on the rise in mobile, it’s a valid option for every mobile publisher to look into possible placements. However, native ads have traditionally been a bit of a challenge for publishers – with many wondering what a sensible placement for native ads might look like on their apps and sites. There’s also the challenges that come with handling the multiple creatives that lie in a native ad response (as opposed to usually only one, with every other ad format).

Thankfully, Smaato has you covered.

In order to facilitate your start with native ads, we’ve recently introduced ourNative Ad Builder to our SPX platform, which now enables you to set up and traffic your own native ad creatives. Whether you’re looking to serve a direct campaign on behalf of an advertiser or brand you’re working with, aiming to backfill your native properties with house ads, or are simply interested in demoing your integration setup with your own test ads, Smaato’s Native Ad Builder helps you get started with native ad serving in a matter of minutes.

To show you how easy it really is, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step example:

Let’s assume you have a social media app, and you’d like to set up sponsored content that recreates the look and feel of your members’ content, which consists of an icon/avatar, a title (name of the posting entity), a text body and potentially an attached image. First, you’ll need to set up native adspaces in your app and your SPX inventory. Click here to find a guide on how to do that.

  • When you’re done, head over to your SPX account, and set up a Direct Order.
  • When setting up a creative, toggle its type to Native, and the Native Ad Builder will pop up. You’re free to select one of the following IAB-standard layout types: Content Wall, App Wall, News Feed, Chat List, Carousel Content Stream and Custom – in this case, the Content Stream option is the most suitable.
  • After selecting Content Stream as a layout option, you’ll automatically be presented the fields for all necessary and/or available creative/media elements. After that, just upload your media and fill in your copy. Then, click Save – and you’re done!

Need more guidance on the aforementioned steps? Click here for a detailed How-To.

Now, all that’s left to do is target your Direct Order’s Line Item to your native inventory – and your native ad setup is running!

Do you have any more questions on how to set up native ad campaigns with SPX’s Native Ad Builder? Write us a comment, and we’ll answer right away.

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