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Introducing Ad Tech Today, a New Podcast

2 Minute Read | May 24th, 2019

Angie Li

Angie Li
Senior Product Marketing Manager

The ad tech industry is constantly evolving. Keeping track of all the latest industry news, trends, and changes isn’t easy — even for seasoned professionals in the field. That’s why we’re launching Ad Tech Today, a new podcast made for digital publishers, app developers, and advertisers. No matter where you are on the digital advertising supply chain, Ad Tech Today will keep you up to date on key industry topics.

I’m the host of Ad Tech Today. In our first episode, I chat with Eve Friedman, Vice President of Business Development in the Americas and a 10+ year veteran of the tech industry. Throughout her career, she’s worked with some of the industry’s top publishers (Zynga, The New York Times, CBS, and more). My colleague reveals why in-app advertising is so in-demand, the different types of user data, and other insights into the industry.

You can listen to the first episode now. Below are some excerpts from Ad Tech Today.

On In-App vs. Mobile Web Advertising

Eve Friedman: It’s clear where the industry is trending. The app ecosystem is becoming largely a market where brand marketers can effectively address their most desired audience, otherwise known as people-based targeting. Look at what (P&G Chief Brand Officer) Marc Pritchard had once said: the world is no longer about mass marketing. It’s about one-to-one marketing, and that is really what device IDs can achieve for marketers, for brands, and for advertisers.

As a result, marketers can achieve better campaign outcomes depending on their KPI goals. For people like us who receive the ads, well we will have better and more relevant ad experiences.

On the Different Ad Formats

The ecosystem for in-app offers a host of formats that just aren’t available on the web environment. When we think about playables and rewarded video, these formats should absolutely inform the way you conceive your campaign. Marketers should really take the time to learn about them so they can modify the creatives in a way that is tailored to the mobile experience.

Listen to the podcast on the Ad Tech Today Soundcloud page and click “follow” to get updated each time we release a new episode.

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