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From Clicks to Bricks: Increase In-Store Sales Over Thanksgiving Weekend With In-App Advertising

3 Minute Read | October 9th, 2017

Courtney Reich

Courtney Reich
Content Marketing Manager

Smartphones are our constant and most trusted holiday shopping companions. From before we leave for the store and even as we are standing in the shopping aisle, we use our mobile device to look up product information, read online reviews and find the best Black Friday deals. With 90% of US smartphone usage taking place in-app, the best way for advertisers to reach mobile-obsessed holiday shoppers is through in-app advertising.

Mobile: The Door to the Store

More and more people are doing their holiday shopping on mobile. However, Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are still driven primarily by in-store shopping. Last year, 55% of Thanksgiving shoppers in the US shopped in-store,¹ and 56% of Black Friday shoppers said that they prefer shopping in-store over online.²

To reach these in-store shoppers, mobile is the most influential advertising medium. The smartphone is increasingly used as a door-to-the-store, which means that mobile users discover and research new products on their mobile devices before searching for them in-store. As a result, an impressive 37% of in-store sales were influenced by mobile interactions last year³ — and, with time spent on mobile consistently increasing year-over-year, we expect mobile’s influence on in-store sales to be even greater in 2017.

Mobile’s Growing Influence Over In-Store Sales

Grabbing the Attention of Mobile-Obsessed Shoppers

For young and eager shoppers, Black Friday often takes a seat at the Thanksgiving table — yes, you read that right, 61% of Millennials say they would shop digitally during Thanksgiving dinner in order to snag an amazing deal.⁴ And once these shoppers do finally make it into the store, they don’t stop using their smartphones.

Over three-quarters of consumers use their mobile devices in-store, 55% of which are conducting online shopping activities such as looking up product information and reading online reviews.⁵ This mobile-assisted shopping behavior makes it critical for advertisers to develop an effective holiday mobile advertising strategy, especially during the Black Friday rush when consumers are obsessively searching for the very best deals.

Holiday Shoppers Are Smartphone-Obsessed

Furthermore, since in-store shoppers are also frequently messaging with friends, listening to music and using social media as they roam the shopping aisles, holiday mobile advertising need not be limited to retail apps. An effective in-app holiday campaign for brand advertisers should also include apps from social, music, photo and messaging categories.

In-App to In-Store

The most effective mobile advertising strategies target users where they are spending their time — in-app and, at least during this peak shopping period, in-store. Smartphone users in the US spend over three hours per day in-app.⁶ Last year, Thanksgiving and Black Friday saw an uplift in the volume of in-app ad requests on the Smaato platform. Compared to the average 2016 day, ad requests soared +36% on Thanksgiving and +40% on Black Friday. As in-store shopping skyrockets over the holidays, in-store mobile usage increases as well.

Increased In-App Ad Requests Over Thanksgiving & Black Friday

As a result of consumers’ increased app usage over the holidays, Black Friday was the biggest in-app ad spending day of the year on the Smaato platform in 2016. Black Friday experienced a more than 45% uplift in mobile ad spending compared to the average day in the four-week period leading up to and following Thanksgiving (Nov 10 – Dec 8), and Thanksgiving saw a more than 40% uplift in ad spending during this time.

As holiday shoppers look at their smartphone this Thanksgiving, make sure your brand is the one they see. With accurate targeting and premium inventory, advertisers can rely on Smaato to create effective mobile campaigns this holiday season. And even when consumers are out and about, the Smaato platform allows advertisers to accurately target users by location to deliver ads relevant to brands’ local sales presence.

Smaato delivers more than 19 million ad impressions per day — that’s over 200,000 per second — all over the world. Furthermore, over 94% of all ad impressions served on the Smaato platform come from apps. Smaato’s Account Manager are not just mobile specialists (Smaato is a mobile-only platform) but in-app mobile advertising experts ready to help you with your holiday mobile campaigns.

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