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4 Minute Read | January 17th, 2019

Anthony Karge

Anthony Karge
Content Marketing Manager

The mobile advertising industry is constantly evolving. For advertisers and publishers, it’s important to stay aware of the latest trends and topics that are affecting the industry. To help keep you updated, we’ve compiled insights from our team of in-app experts on a variety of important topics in the world of mobile advertising.

On the Rise of Header Bidding

“In early 2019, we’re going to see real header bidding, at last, become a reality in the world of in-app advertising. The introduction of these solutions will give greater control and higher revenues to publishers while delivering greater transparency and better results to all parties. But for advertisers and publishers to understand what they’ve been missing, it’s time for the industry to get on the same page and sort out its terminology. Mediated in-app auctions are great. But they’re not in-app header bidding solutions.”

Freddy Friedman

Chief Product Officer, in Why In-App Header Bidding Isn’t Really Header Bidding (Yet)

How to Identify and Stop Fraud

“With [fraud detection measures in place], we’ve been able to halt suspicious activity as soon as it arises. The case reported by Buzzfeed won’t be the last time that fraudsters try to take advantage of the digital advertising ecosystem. And while ad fraud is always changing, we’re ready to meet these challenges head-on with our extensive experience and advanced technology.”

Georg Fiegen

Chief Operating Officer, in Our Commitment to Stopping Ad Fraud Schemes and Other Malicious Activity

On the Future of Location-Based Advertising

“Mobile location data can be a treasure trove for publishers and advertisers alike, but stakeholders need to be discerning when it comes to the source and accuracy of this data. Fortunately, the future is bright for location-based mobile advertising. Technological developments, such as improved footfall attribution and cost-per-visit measurement, mean that this targeting method will continue to become increasingly accurate and effective in the years to come.”

Alizee Mega

Senior Account Manager, in Everything You Need to Know About Location-Based Advertising

The Proposed Ads.txt Solution for Apps

“Today’s mobile advertising world is all about transparency, and the new ads.txt specification for apps will provide crystal clear, end-to-end visibility for the entire chain. While mobile supply-side platforms are ideally positioned to lead the way in exacting this change, all of us in the industry have to buy into it in order for it to be effective and sustainable.”

Alex Khan

Managing Director APAC, in Plugging the App Gap: Why it is Time to Unite Behind Ads.txt’s Mobile Manoeuvres

The Future of Data Protection

“GDPR was just the first step when it comes to data privacy, and more regulations will be coming to the EU and other parts of the world in the next couple years. Marketers around the world need to prepare for this new normal and understand what each regulation means for their advertising efforts. The upcoming ePrivacy regulation (which is tied to the GDPR) will be the obvious next challenge for many players in the market.”

Arndt Groth

President, in an interview with MarTech Series

Brand-Safety of In-Game Mobile Advertising

“Accurately identifying which content is brand-safe in a digital ecosystem driven by user-generated content is an incredibly complex and difficult task, and as a result, many social websites have put brands’ integrities at risk. Luckily, there is another medium to which these advertisers can turn, an engaging digital environment that captures the attention of over two billion people worldwide — mobile games. Mobile games provide a controlled and brand-safe environment without the risk that an advertiser’s message may appear next to inappropriate content.”

Courtney Reich

Content Marketing Manager, in 3 Myths of In-Game Mobile Advertising

Transparency in Digital Advertising

“The mobile programmatic space is a fast-evolving one, and many of the developments being seen in 2018 are taking great strides in increasing trust and accountability within the sector. The path forward — across all media, but especially within the burgeoning in-app space — is built around transparency.”

Gareth Noonan

General Manager, Americas, in Clearing the Way for In-App Transparency

Finding Success in China

“The challenges to entering the app market in China are real. From navigating the app ecosystem to understanding the latest government regulations, publishers have to be prepared. That said, the mobile realities of China have created the perfect storm of conditions for publishers to dramatically increase their revenues. The growing number of mobile users and the enormous size of the app market in China is a dream come true for app publishers.”

Ragnar Kruse

CEO and Co-Founder, in China’s In-App Advertising Opportunity: What Publishers Need to Know

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