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Ad Tech Trends Across the APAC Region [Podcast]

3 Minute Read | October 30th, 2019

Angie Li

Angie Li
Senior Product Marketing Manager

In the latest episode of our podcast Ad Tech Today, we discuss the ad tech trends and industry specifics that differentiate APAC from other regions. In this episode, I spoke with Julie Xiao, Manager of Sales Engineering at Smaato, based in our Singapore office. For several years Julie has worked closely with both supply-side and demand-side clients. This year, her key focus has been supply-side technical support and working closely with many APAC publishers in the ad tech industry.

Gaming Apps and Unique Ad Formats Are Only a Few of the Latest Trends in APAC

Up until recently, the most popular apps on Android were utility applications such as phone cleaners, screen launchers, or security guards. Gaming apps now top the download charts — and with the rise of games, comes new in-app ad formats. That being said, native ads are growing quickly in the APAC market. A lot of publishers prefer this format because of the natural user experience it provides. In addition, splash ads (fullscreen ad formats that appear when a user opens an application) are gaining popularity among APAC publishers. Due to their placement as the first piece of content a user sees upon opening an app, splash ads are characterized as having high eCPMs, high viewability, and strong performance rates. Previously, this format was popular only in China, but now we see it becoming popular in various other APAC countries.

Open Measurement Standard Is Well-Received Across APAC

Many publishers in APAC are adopting the Open Measurement SDK as a viewability standard for their apps. Integrating the Open Measurement SDK is a highly beneficial option for a lot of publishers because it supports Integral Ad Science, Moat, and DoubleVerify viewability measurement platforms.

“Smaato’s APAC team has worked hard to share our knowledge and information regarding viewability measurement to our publishers. Moat has been integrated into our SDK since last year and we are certified by the IAB for OM viewability measurement. We are seeing that more and more partners are using our SDK to create a measurable environment,” says Julie Xiao.

A Growing Focus on Header Bidding and Privacy

Between the GDPR, TCF, COPPA, CCPA, and all the other privacy-related law acronyms, there’s a lot to keep up with. However, advertisers and publishers in APAC are putting a strong focus on user privacy. They are increasingly cautious about ensuring they obtain the correct permissions from users, as well as the safety and regulatory compliance of the SDKs that they integrate. Header bidding is another important topic that is ramping up across APAC, as many publishers are evaluating and examining in-app header bidding solutions. Some of our biggest publishers started experimenting with in-app header bidding even before it gained its current popularity. “I am pleased that Smaato recently launched its NextGen SDK, which offers an in-app header bidding solution, and it will be exciting to see the benefits that it could bring to APAC publishers,” says Xiao.

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