Episode 6 - Busting the Myths of OTT Advertising

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Ad Tech Today: Busting the Myths of OTT Advertising [Podcast]

2 Minute Read | December 4th, 2019

Angie Li

Angie Li
Senior Product Marketing Manager

In the latest episode of our podcast Ad Tech Today, we discuss the trends surrounding over-the-top (OTT), including some prevalent myths around advertising in this environment. Christiana Cacciapuoti of MadHive and AdLedger.org is an expert on the topic and joined us to share her insights into some common misperceptions.

What Is the Difference Between CTV and OTT?

OTT media refers to the delivery of media content to a device through an internet-based delivery system. CTV is simply a television that is connected to the internet, such as a Smart TV, that allows users to download Netflix, YouTube, and other apps. Essentially, OTT refers to the content that is delivered, whereas CTV refers to the device by which the content is delivered.

The Common Myths Surrounding CTV and OTT

As VP of Partnerships at MadHive and Executive Director at AdLedger.org, Christiana is leading the initiative for establishing a clean marketplace for advertising in the OTT environment. The goal of AdLedger is to build out rules and standards for how new technologies like blockchain and cryptography impact the media and advertising industries. Outside of establishing rules and standards, AdLedger is also focused on the research and education of ad fraud in the OTT environment. This research is what led AdLedger to release a report tackling some of the myths surrounding OTT.

A common misconception is that there is insufficient CTV inventory available in the real-time open auction ecosystem. However, the findings presented in AdLedger’s report suggest that there are billions of requests coming through the open auctions for CTV. Another common belief is that there is an absence of fraud in the OTT environment. Christiana explains that this misconception might come from the idea of how the content is delivered to the viewer, as the content delivery is similar to traditional and linear television. But that doesn’t mean it is fraudless like traditional linear TV.

Opportunities and the Future Outlook of OTT Advertising

The digital video landscape is changing rapidly, as more users are switching from traditional, linear TV to CTV and OTT solutions. While there are a number of risks associated with this new format, there are also a lot of opportunities to reach consumers. The combination of cross-device targeting and frequency management empowers marketers to strengthen their storytelling abilities for their advertising campaigns. Enhanced, data-driven targeting along with enriched creatives and messaging concepts, presented on bigger screens, are just some of the reasons why advertisers should be exploring OTT for their future campaigns.

In addition, advertisers will have a better chance at smarter retargeting, frequency capping, and access to premium inventory in front of a fully-invested audience.

To hear the full conversation we had with Christiana, check out the podcast on the Ad Tech Today Soundcloud page and click “follow” to get updated each time we release a new episode.

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