Smaato, the leading global mobile real-time bidding ad exchange (SMX) and Supply Side Platform, releases its first global mobile RTB Insights Report for Q4 2013.

The report is compiled from exchange data, auctions, bids and impressions served globally across Smaato’s RTB ad-exchange and Supply Side Platform. The mobile RTB Insights Report is based on worldwide data sampled from quarterly (Q3/Q4 2013) comparison of supply and demand activities that took place across SMX. The report showcases the growing importance of data in mobile advertising and the rise of mobile RTB on a global scale.

Real-time bidding was the growth engine for mobile advertising in 2013 at Smaato and reached the next level of efficiency and relevance in the market. Our SMX platform is built from the ground up with global mobile monetization with no reliance on cookie based targeting in mind. It is also great to see increased shift in spend from some of the largest online demand players to our platform further validating the importance of the mobile ready ecosystem.” said Ragnar Kruse, Smaato CEO.

“We are proud to present the first global mobile RTB report. The analytical insights will help our mobile publishers, developers and demand partners to further understand and align mobile strategy with monetization

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