New Publisher Reporting & Analytics Features

Posted on January 10th, 2013 | 0 Comments


Smaato released an update of the Publisher Portal Reporting and Analytics Dashboard.

Mobile publishers and app developers are now able to see which Ad Networks and/or Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) served their mobile ad traffic. Every single KPI, such as, Revenue, eCPM, Impressions, etc. can also be displayed ordered by the top performing ad source.

Furthermore, publishers are also capable to run reports based on the selection of specific, a group, or all running Ad Spaces.

1. to your dashboard, mouse over the Reporting menu and click “Reporting & Analytics”:


2. Click on the “Ad Network & DSP Reporting” tab:


3. Choose your reporting criteria and scroll down to see the complete report:


4. Click “All Ad Spaces” to breakdown specific Ad Spaces in your reporting:


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