Self Sold Ads

Once you have built a brand or significant traffic volumes you’ll soon start to receive direct requests from advertisers for your valuable inventory. Smaato helps you fulfilling this demand with our mediation solution in combination with our ad server. The rule based mediation interface allows you to send the right amount and type of traffic to your self-sold campaigns. The Smaato mediation solution is flexible and can be adjusted to your individual needs. Decide which portion of the traffic is distributed where and what happens after if the first choice can’t fill the request. In addition, you always have the option to route the traffic to Smaato’s general optimization engine.

House Ads

You might want to run promotions for your own product, advertise add-on products (in-app purchases), or just run your own backfill campaigns when a certain floor price cannot be met 100% of the time. The house-ads feature enables you to any of these options and you have full control about when to show your ads on which inventory.

Manual Traffic Routing

If you have your own accounts at some Ad Networks, you can start routing portions of your traffic yourself. This might be required due to certain business requirements or just because you want to have more control. The beauty of the Smaato mediation solution is that nothing is an either/or decision. You can manually route some portions of your traffic, while you can send other portions to our automated optimization engine.

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