Meet Smaato At These Upcoming Events

  • Advertising Week NYC

    Advertising Week NYC

    Sep 29-Oct 3 / New York City

    Advertising Week is one of the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders. This week is a hybrid of thought leadership seminars and engaging special events.

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  • Austin App Strategy Workshop

    Austin App Strategy Workshop

    Oct 7 / Austin, Texas

    Join industry leaders to learn how to turn an idea into a successful app business. Attendees will learn tools and strategies to better understand users, boost retention, drive downloads, and generate revenue.

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  • Boston App Strategy Workshop

    Boston App Strategy Workshop

    Oct 9 / Boston, Massachusetts

    At this event the App Developers Alliance will bring together industry leaders and app developers to learn from each other and to turn idea into successful app businesses.

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  • AOP Autumn Conference

    AOP Autumn Conference

    Oct 9 / London, UK

    This year’s AOP Autumn Conference looks at how premium publishers can make the most of not just multiple platforms, but also the connections between them.

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  • code.talks


    October 9-10 / Hamburg, Germany

    code.talks is a developer conference that gives you insights about latest trends and hot topics in web development. Well-known speakers will share coding insights, popcorn and nachos with the attendees.

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  • Live Mobile Congress

    Live Mobile Congress

    October 11-12 / Vilnius, Lithuania

    Visit Live Mobile Congress to discuss latest industry trends, participate in panels of experts, take part in Game Jam or the start-up challenge, and kick back at parties every evening in Vilnius.

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  • Media Post's OMMA RTB Europe

    Media Post’s OMMA RTB Europe

    October 14 / London, UK

    OMMA RTB will cover areas like benefits, challenges, and future of real-time marketing, how to balance premium display and RTB strategies, and the impact real-time has on the market for buying and selling inventory.

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