Times of India

The Times of India Mobile is India’s largest English daily that aims to keep readers updated on the latest national and international news, sports, entertainment, videos, business reports, lifestyle and all other relevant news while you are on the move.

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Pinger, a leading provider of messaging and communications applications, began working with Smaato in 2011 as it was launching a new communications product in Germany and looking for a strong international monetization and mediation partner.

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Handmade Mobile Entertainment

Handmade Mobile Entertainment is looking to explore new ways to enhance the mobile advertising experience and to increase ad revenues and eCPMs on a global scale. The challenge is to find new ad placements without compromising the users app experience and to better monetize their inventory on a global scale.

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Spice Labs

Spice Labs is one of the leading Blackberry and Android application developers. They have been working with Smaato since 2011 and their goal is to capitalise on Smaato’s Mediation ability to fully optimise their inventory monetization.

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WLK houses is one of the most informative mobile sites which covers the latest Beauty, Entertainment and Technology news. Their goal is to achieve a higher revenue and better fill rate for the global inventory on Smaato’s platform.

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Smaato’s strength as the largest international ad optimization platform convinced XiMAD that they could deliver a higher eCPC, increasing the revenue per ad while increasing the relevance of the ads placed within their apps.

The fill rates with Smaato increased for XiMAD on all operating systems and they are experimenting with lat/long geo-targeting to increase eCPC. The XiMAD team was so pleased with the monetization results that currently approximately 80% of XiMAD ads are optimized by Smaato.

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With Smaato, fill rates increased, especially internationally. And ad revenue soared. And this occurred in a way the MediaFriends team describes as low-maintenance. The unexpected benefit of personal service meant that any ad issues MediaFriends encountered were resolved quickly.

MediaFriends managers access a dedicated Smaato Account Development Manager live once or twice a week to tweak a campaign or develop new strategies to increase ad revenue.

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