Microservices: Are They the Right Architecture for You?

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Microservices Architecture Smaato

These days, many across our industry and others are talking about microservices. It’s one of the buzzwords of the moment, even though the topic as such has a far longer history. With companies like Netflix, Gilt and LinkedIn, among others, drawing attention to this architecture, many smaller companies find themselves confronting this very issue. With cloud providers offering more and more microservice support, and with tools and frameworks evolving around this topic, we at Smaato have also been asking if this is the direction we’d like to go.
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Time to Clean Up the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

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Time to Clean Up the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

With mobile ad fraud and mobile traffic fraud spiking in the past year, and with over $6.3 billion dollars lost to advertisers as a result, those of us in the mobile advertising ecosystem with highly-trafficked platforms were faced with a choice. Either sit back, accept some level of bot & click-fraud activity and pray it doesn’t get worse – or take immediate technological leaps forward in order to create a clean, brand-safe and fraud-free environment.

With our announcement today of our new mobile ad fraud detection engine, we are quite confident we’ve achieved the latter. Through a combination of artificial intelligence, auto-learning and 24/7 round-the-clock human intervention, Smaato is able to block more than 30% of the bad traffic headed into publisher apps while also saving advertisers from the spectre of millions of fake impressions. Read more »

Big Data & NoSQL Meetup Hamburg with Apache Flink at Smaato

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Apache Flink Big Data Meetup

Smaato was very happy to host the spring to summer edition of the Big Data and NoSQL Hamburg (BDNSHH) meetup with two great guests from Berlin: Aljoscha Krettek and Maximilian Michels from dataArtisans, the company behind Apache Flink.

Apache Flink

Apache Flink is an open source platform for scalable batch and stream data processing. At its core is a streaming dataflow engine that provides data distribution, communication, and fault tolerance for distributed computations over data streams. Interesting features are its custom dataflow optimizer, custom memory management, and its strategies to perform well when memory runs out.

We’ve interviewed our guests to dig deeper into Apache Flink:
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iOS Monetization Takes the Next Leap in Smaato’s Newest SDK

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iOS Monetization Takes the Next Leap in Smaato’s Newest SDK

We’ve just updated our iOS SDK offering to version 7.1.2, and in this new release, we’ve focused on adding functionality that helps iOS developers improve the user experience of those engaging with ads in their apps.

First off, we’ve enhanced the SDK webview’s capabilities, and are now providing proper browsing options such as Back, Forward, Reload Page, Open in Safari, Forward and more to any user once they’ve clicked on an ad.

This essentially liberates the user from having to react to an ad immediately when they’ve expressed interest, thereby breaking the flow of whatever she (or he) was doing in your app. Smaato’s iOS SDK now lets them bookmark an interesting offer for later, forward it to a friend, and move back and forth within an interaction with a landing page. These tools are now all at a user’s fingertips on any iOS device.

Furthermore, we’ve added support for Swift, Apple’s latest programming language, a language which is enabling thousands of developers to effectively create Apps for and across Apple’s complete ecosystem.

The new iOS SDK is now available in SPX, our Publisher Platform. Get it here!