Meet Smaato at GMIC Beijing 2015

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Meet Smaato at GMIC Beijing

From April 28-30, 2015, more than 25,000 mobile industry insiders and executives from 60+ countries around the world will gather at the China National Convention Center in Beijing for the annual Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC).

This major event brings together everything in the mobile ecosystem from mobile apps and games to robotics to mobile education and health. Get ready to be fascinated and enticed by all things mobile at this 3-day event. Read more »

Tuning Spark Streaming Applications

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Tuning Spark Streaming Applications

Distributed streaming applications are like Rube Goldberg machines. Lots of levers and knobs. You feel like you have to observe them in order to figure out how they work. This article is not about the one magic Spark parameter making your app scream. It’s about how to approach optimizing your freshly developed Spark Streaming app. Read more »

Money from Your Mobile App with Cross-Platform Tools Support

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More Money from your Apps with Cross Platform Tools Smaato

In recent years, we’ve all seen the explosive growth of the mobile app economy. From 2007 on, the number of smartphones and apps present on those smartphones have accelerated year over year at astounding rates.  The total number of apps downloaded continues to grow rapidly even though, according to recent statistics, the number of apps downloaded per person is beginning to stabilize.  The major driver of the continued rapid download growth is primarily the wide variety of devices available to the mobile consumer. Read more »

Native Ads in Your App with Smaato

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Native Advertising in you app with Smaato

Looking for new ways to engage your audience? Although the traditional mobile advertising formats can be very effective for brand promotion and awareness, Native Advertising is rapidly gaining momentum. With industry players like Yahoo attesting “effectively integrated Native Ads” to gain 3X more attention and 2,6X higher CTRs than non-Native Mobile Ads and the IAB – upon a Native Ad industry valuation of $331 million for 2014 – expecting “a billion dollar opportunity for publishers in the near future”, don’t expect this surge to wear off anytime soon. Read more »

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