Retaining Users on your Mobile App: The Art of Addiction

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Retaining Users on your Mobile App: The Art of Addiction

Maybe it’s the shine bouncing off of the orange lozenge. Or, it could be the pop of a lemon drop or the satisfying crinkle of a candy wrapper. Certainly, no one can argue that matching two color bombs and the resulting destruction of all the candy on the board is not deeply addicting…er, rewarding.

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Looking Ahead to Mobile & Programmatic in 2015?

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Looking ahead to mobile & programmatic in 2015

The mobile advertising industry has and continues to experience tremendous growth. Thanks to some of the big social publishers like Facebook who have highlighted the amount of spend advertisers are allocating towards audiences on mobile globally. Similarly here at Smaato, we have seen tremendous growth where advertisers are also looking to capture audiences across mobile devices globally. This increased spend is not just in the social category but also in other major IAB categories. The beauty of advertising via programmatic technology is that it allows advertisers to buy the audiences they desire based on campaigns’ objectives globally. Read more »

Smaato New Hamburg Office

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Smaato New Hamburg Office

It is with tremendous excitement that the Smaato team in Hamburg has moved in to a brand new office this week. Our new Hamburg office is located at the 19th floor of the Emporio tower, which gives every single team member a breath-taking view of Hamburg. But don’t take our word for it; just take a look at the pictures.

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Apple’s iPhone 6 Launch: What’s the Impact on Mobile Advertising?

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Apple's image - Copy

Since the initial release of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has managed to uphold an annual release cycle for new generations, and each release has managed to dwarf the preceding one. While Apple disappointed several fans and critics in 2013, with the overhauled version of 2012’s iPhone 5 having been unable to be on par with its competitor’s innovations at the time, they managed to please their stakeholders with the iPhone 6 – a bigger 4.7 inch display, NFC functionality, and a few other improvements are what Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for.

Now, the mobile app and advertising industry is facing a whole new dimension of possibilities – make sure to watch out for the following:

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