2015: A Mobile Look Ahead

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Smaato 2015 Mobile Look Ahead

2014 was a big year for mobile, and a big year for Smaato.

Rather than quoting endless statistics, everything was up. A lot. All the graphs and charts we could draw here are the type that make the financial guys very happy. This of course was true not only for Smaato but for most of the industry as a whole.

From a Product point of view, we spent the year building a completely new (I do mean COMPLETELY new) self-serve mobile publisher ad server, The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX). Much has already been said, and will continue to be said, about SPX.  We’re very proud of it and genuinely believe it’s a game changer for Smaato and for app developers and mobile web publishers around the world, of all sizes.

SPX was introduced to the world on January 21. With that milestone behind us, and a very short sigh of relief, the question is naturally, what’s next? Read more »

Ads in Your Mobile App or Website in 3 Minutes

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welcome spx

Our recent release of The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) marks a paradigm shift, not only for Smaato but also for mobile advertising technology as a whole, by putting Dynamic Demand and a free, full featured mobile-first ad server in the hands of publishers and app developers of all sizes. For free.


In an effort to make SPX as powerful and as easy to use as possible, we’ve streamlined the initial setup process to get you up and running in just a few minutes. Read more »

Introducing SPX: The Smaato Publisher Platform

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Smaato Publisher Platform SPX

Today we’re very excited to announce the public release of The Smaato Publisher Platform.

The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) is a free, full-featured publisher ad server built from the ground up for a mobile-first world. This all new platform enables app developers and digital publishers to immediately monetize their properties by delivering target consumers to advertisers in real time.


Dynamic Demand: Revenue Increases of 50-150%

SPX manages all types of Direct and Indirect buying models and features groundbreaking Dynamic Demand delivery logic. With Dynamic Demand, SPX creates a ‘super auction’ where the best available demand source is evaluated for every impression. Dynamic Demand considers all forms of demand: publisher Direct sold campaigns, RTB, and ad networks in order to intelligently maximize yield on an impression-by-impression basis.

Manage Every Form of Demand From a Single Platform

SPX puts full monetization controls directly in the hands of the publisher and connects them to Smaato’s RTB ad exchange (SMX) and complete ad network mediation stack. Through SPX, Smaato connects publishers to over 225 Demand Side Platforms and over 100 directly integrated ad networks.

SPX also allows publishers to easily integrate their own ad network relationships and then manage these external networks from within the same interface. SPX will auto-optimize these networks based on performance, enable network reporting and automatically include them in the Dynamic Demand ad selection logic, further maximizing publisher yield.

SPX - The Smaato Publisher PlatformEase of Use for Maximum Monetization

SPX features advanced targeting options, easy to use reporting, and a flexible, easy to understand user interface. It also offers publishers full pricing controls, a very simple three-step setup process, and built-in optimization automation. All while charging no ad serving or technology fees.

With the combination of Dynamic Demand, full publisher controls, and management of any type of buying model, SPX delivers a complete mobile monetization solution to app developers and mobile web publishers of any size.

Get started today!


Questions? Contact us or visit

Quickstart a Web Development Stack Using Vagrant & Docker

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Docker and Vagrant - Quickstart a web development stack

A homogenous web development stack for heterogeneous environments

Developing and maintaining a mobile monetization platform like the Smaato RTB Ad Exchange, implied the use of Docker and Vagrant to set up a development stack, that could address some of our challenges. Projects like ours, with multiple developers spread across varying time zones can make setting up a local development environment a time consuming task. Add a team with different skillsets including a backend developer, a frontend developer and a designer working on the same codebase, then it gets tricky. Read more »

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