Publishers: Time to prepare your apps to support iOS9

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iOS9 for Publishers App Developers

Apple will be rolling out iOS 9 soon, with what’s sure to be a bunch of awesome new features. One of the most important features for us, and for our iOS publishers, is the App Transport Security (ATS), which enhances security on iPhone devices and encourages iOS app developers to use secured connections when communicating with their servers.

Smaato is actively testing its iOS advertising SDK on iOS 9 beta, and we’re happy to announce that our latest iOS SDK version 7.1.4 has successfully passed all our tests and therefore is compatible with the upcoming iOS 9 release.

As an ad exchange, it’s a common occurrence that we serve ads from 3rd party ad networks that do not fully support SSL; therefore, we cannot guarantee full SSL compatibility. If you are planning to release apps that support iOS 9, don’t forget to add an exception to your code to ensure that served ads will be rendered correctly.
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New Windows (Phone) SDKs available now!

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windows Phone SDK

In addition to updating our Android SDK, we’ve also taken our Windows and Windows Phone SDKs to the shop – our offerings for Windows Phone 8.0 & 8.1 as well as Windows 8.1 have been updated and are now available!

This release brings support for the Windows Phone ID, the advertising ID that Windows devices provide for intelligent ad targeting. The SDK now automatically gets and transmits the WPID in an ad request, an enhancement that has proven to significantly boost eCPMs!

We’ve improved the SDK’s logic of handling interstitials: the responsiveness of ad formats to the device’s orientation (portrait or landscape) is now more accurate, we’ve redesigned the ‘Close’ button, and beacon handling is also improved.
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NEW: Smaato’s Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report, 1H 2015

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Smaato Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report H1 2015

Today we are putting out the first edition of our Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report, a compendium of facts and findings from across the billions and billions of impressions traveling across the Smaato Exchange during the first six months of 2015. (We previously called this our RTB Report, and you’re welcome to read those as well here).

Smaato serves up to 6 billion ads each day, across 600 million mobile users around the world each month. Smaato’s Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic is clearly worldwide in scope, and reflects the detailed activity and trends that have developed over this period across our wide base of publishers, advertisers and users. In that sense, activity on our Exchange serves as a very strong and very relevant proxy for more “macro” trends happening across the world of mobile.
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Smaato Celebrates 10 Years!

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Smaato Celebrates 10 Years

Smaato is the global real-time advertising platform for mobile app developers and publishers and has been pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions for publishers since 2005 — And on Tuesday, August 18th, Smaato turned a whole decade old.

The momentous occasion was marked by company-wide anniversary celebrations across the world from Singapore to San Francisco and Hamburg to commemorate this significant achievement. An elaborate cake with ten candles was served at the Fairmont Hotel at Smaato’s HQ city in San Francisco, along with a poignant speech given by CEO & Co-Founder Ragnar Kruse to toast his company.
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