Ad Tag v2.1 Available – Now Featuring Full Screen Mobile Ads

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ad tag 2.1-blur

In the previous version of the Smaato Ad Tag (v2.0), the solution supported regular ads with a large variety of dimensions (small, medium and large) and formats (text, image and rich media). Starting today, Smaato’s Ad Tag solution has been updated to give mobile web developers additional ways to show ads on their mobile website pages via full screen, or “interstitial”, ads. Read more »

How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Mobile App?

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How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Mobile App

So you’re developing your very own mobile app. Which platform should you choose?

The popularity of mobile enterprise apps and consumer-based mobile apps has grown tremendously in the last decade. App stores are flooded with millions of mobile apps covering myriad topics and genres.  Hundreds and thousands of new apps appear in app stores every day. Since app development can be a lucrative business, new app developers hoping to develop the next big thing are always on the horizon. Mobile platforms have sprung up over the years to cater to the increasing demand, but how do you choose which platform is best for your app?

Read more »

2015: A Mobile Look Ahead

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Smaato 2015 Mobile Look Ahead

2014 was a big year for mobile, and a big year for Smaato.

Rather than quoting endless statistics, everything was up. A lot. All the graphs and charts we could draw here are the type that make the financial guys very happy. This of course was true not only for Smaato but for most of the industry as a whole.

From a Product point of view, we spent the year building a completely new (I do mean COMPLETELY new) self-serve mobile publisher ad server, The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX). Much has already been said, and will continue to be said, about SPX.  We’re very proud of it and genuinely believe it’s a game changer for Smaato and for app developers and mobile web publishers around the world, of all sizes.

SPX was introduced to the world on January 21. With that milestone behind us, and a very short sigh of relief, the question is naturally, what’s next? Read more »

Ads in Your Mobile App or Website in 3 Minutes

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welcome spx

Our recent release of The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) marks a paradigm shift, not only for Smaato but also for mobile advertising technology as a whole, by putting Dynamic Demand and a free, full featured mobile-first ad server in the hands of publishers and app developers of all sizes. For free.


In an effort to make SPX as powerful and as easy to use as possible, we’ve streamlined the initial setup process to get you up and running in just a few minutes. Read more »

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