Learn How to Configure Ads in Your Apps in Our New Video

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Introducing SPX: #3 - SMX Line Items

Getting advertising traffic running inside of your apps and websites should be as easy as 1-2-3, and at Smaato it’s our mission to make sure that after you’ve set yourself up on the Smaato Publisher Platform, you’ve got all that need to optimally configure the platform to start earning money your way.

To that end, we’ve create a simple new instructional video that helps you set up all the demand (i.e. advertising) that’s coming into, or about to come into, your apps. It’s the third in our series for publishers & app developers – watch #1 here and #2 here (or all of them, plus more videos, right here). Read more »

Super-Auction for Every Impression: Smaato’s Dynamic Demand Explained

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Smaato Dynamic Demand

When we set out to rebuild our ad server, we wanted to try to build a more perfect selection process. As advertising budgets move to more programmatic buying, we felt the need to make that a primary way for ads to be delivered inside the ad server, while giving the publisher every control over the exchange like they would their own direct line items.

Much of this idea is what we describe as Dynamic Demand, which is essentially our way of allowing every demand source to compete for every ad request. In the early days of Ad Exchanges almost every company split their RTB and mediation layers. If the auction didn’t clear at a certain price, it was given to the Ad Networks. But this model was inefficient when dealing with ad networks that were not guaranteed to fill.

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It’s Official: Smaato an AlwaysOn Winner 5 Years Running

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Smaato AlwaysOn 250 Winner 2015

It’s certainly great to be recognized for being a leader in your field, and we at Smaato are proud and humbled to once again be selected by AlwaysOn as an AlwaysOn Global 250 Private Companies winner. It’s the fifth straight year that we’ve been recognized by AlwaysOn for being at the center of mobile advertising and monetization. Read more »

Smaato CEO Ragnar Kruse Appointed to Board of German American Chamber of Commerce

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Smaato CEO Ragnar Kruse Appointed to Board of German American Chamber of Commerce

Smaato is a San Francisco-based company that happens to have deep German roots – not to mention a shiny new office in Hamburg. For ten years, we’ve been combining German engineering with Silicon Valley innovation to create a mobile-first, globally-oriented mobile advertising platform. Our founders, Ragnar Kruse and Petra Vorsteher, have been extremely active in bridging the two countries’ cultures for those ten years as well, through deep connections with German and American educational, governmental and private enterprise organizations of many stripes. Read more »