Hamburg’s Mobile Ambassador

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Petra Vorsteher in the ‘Emporio’ high-rise: her company Smaato will move to the tower in September. She lives in Hamburg and in San Francisco.

As a City Ambassador for Hamburg, Internet entrepreneur Petra Vorsteher strengthens business relations with San Francisco.

Hamburg. On one of the top floors of the Emporio-Tower, Petra Vorsteher enjoys the view that her staff will soon be able to see. The rain is blurring the city center’s panorama today, but being based in the landmarked and elaborately refurbished former headquarters of Unilever Germany means being firmly established in Hamburg and its economy. In September, the approximately 70 employees of Smaato’s Hamburg offices will move from the Gerhofstraße (near Gänsemarkt) to the redesigned floor of the Emporio building. Read more »

Smaato’s Global RTB Exchange Brings Programmatic Advertising to BlackBerry 10

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The world of mobile advertising is rapidly evolving and growing. RTB (Real-Time Bidding) and programmatic media buying are becoming central to any good mobile monetization strategy. Smaato, the leading global mobile programmatic ad exchange (SMX) and Supply Side Platform (SSP) delivers more than 90 billion ad impressions per month across 450+ million unique users around the world, and has grown tremendously:

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Announcing the Smaato Publisher Platform

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Dynamic Demand mobile publisher ad server

Today Smaato reaches a major milestone, the first release of the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPP).  SPP is a brand new platform, built from the ground up with a mobile first focus.  We’ve built an enterprise-grade, infinite scale SaaS platform ad server with a single purpose: give publishers full control over the monetization of their inventory.
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Android SDK Update to Support New Google Advertising ID

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Google is replacing its old advertising identifier “Android ID” with a new “Google Advertising ID”.

Similar to Apple switching from UDID to the new Apple Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), the most important changes are the independence from device IDs as a unique identifier (for advertisers) and the introduction of additional user controls (for users). Google issued the following statement concerning the shift:
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