3 Killer Optimization Tips That Will Rock Your Adspace

At Smaato, publishers’ success is paramount to our business. We work hard to compile the optimal conditions to maximize revenue for our partners. Therefore, our COO Georg Fiegen shares some useful tips and tricks that will have an immediate positive effect on your revenue. Smaato’s ad exchange (SMX) supports a wide range of ad types, which enables publishers to choose those that fit their apps, content and monetization strategy. Whether it is Rich Media, images or text, SMX is able to serve a quality ad, thanks to our extensive global ad inventory. That being said, there are a few points…

Make more revenue with the inventory you have

After you sign up with Smaato and you’ve created adspaces to represent your different properties, you are ready to start making money with your mobile inventory! But what can you expect? And how can you maximize the revenues from the traffic that you have?

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