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Smaato is the industry leader running one of the largest global Real-Time Bidding ad exchanges in the mobile advertising industry. We are a truly international mobile ad optimization platform and give you access to RTB inventory of 76K+ mobile publishers globally. Smaato‘s state of the art RTB ad exchange ensures that advertisers have efficient access to high-quality inventory of leading mobile app developers and publishers such as:

  • Handmark
  • Pinger
  • Handmade Mobile Entertainment
  • XiMAD
  • and many more…

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Enhanced targeting and segmentation options

Smaato‘s RTB ad exchange introduces a newfound and long awaited level of targeting and segmentation to mobile advertising campaigns. Mobile RTB is rapidly increasing the efficiency of mobile advertising campaigns with ads now served to a unique users in real-time. The inventory in Real-Time Bidding auctions is fully transparent and allows advertisers to better reach their target customer groups. On Smaato‘s RTB ad exchange you bid on highly targeted ad placement and can adjust budgets and advertising media based on the targeting criteria.

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Smaato DSP Integration Portal

The Smaato DSP Integration Portal helps DSPs and ad networks to accelerate the integration of Smaato’s mobile RTB Ad Exchange. With the testing and quality assurance tools in this portal, you can integrate and launch in hours and get access to high quality inventory of 76,000 publishers around the globe – fast and easy.

The powerful self-service testing tools allow you to trigger your tests at any time. The fully automated test routines deliver immediate test results with detailed error messages and suggestions for improvements. Once you have passed the tests Smaato approves you to receive RTB traffic. You go live without further technical verification, launching fast and completely eliminating the need for manual testing. Customers tell us the testing and launch tools available here are simply amazing.

Start now and get access to quality inventory and targeted mobile audiences!

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Smaato RTB Data Analyzer for DSPs

The Smaato RTB Data Analysis Portal for DSPs is the ultimate tool in data dissection necessary to make the right moves for Real-Time Bidding in mobile. The tools located in the portal aid DSPs in shorting up forecasting, sales planning, revenue recognition and ROI determination. Benefits:

  • Inventory Estimation – Ability to see inventory volumes by country, OS, Model, Ad Type, Ad Size, User ID, Carrier, Device Brand, AdSpace, or any combination of the aforementioned. You can view the entire Exchange or just your own bidding activity.
  • Price Analysis – Ability to see Average Winning Bid and the Bid Floor Average by country, OS, Model, Ad Type, Ad Size, User ID, Carrier, Device Brand, AdSpace, or any combination of the aforementioned.
  • Data Drill Down – Build pivot tables, Heat Maps, Bar Charts, or Scatter Plots with the data selected.
  • Win and Loss Analysis – Where are you missing opportunities, or should be investing?
  • Ad Response – Understand how long your bidding is taking, in milliseconds.
  • Price Flooring – Analyze your bids comparatively to your floor prices and ensure your bids are meeting your ROAS.

Contact us to get more information and set up your RTB Data Analysis Portal today.

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